Work Vehicles

Hi there

It might sound stupid but I have no idea about it, that’s why I’m asking, and don’t want to go to my agent to ask so I don’t raise any flags (just in case)

I do have 3 vehicles, 1 car, 1 truck and 1 van, truck and van are for work, van is in use 98% of the time, truck is there as “back-up”.

All of the have full coverage, but they’re not listed as commercial vehicles, or something like that. Is that illegal ? in case of accident with a work vehicle not listed as such … am I covered ?

I’m trying to get my game together, since this is my first winter in biz and never had time to really organize this. I bought this company “as-is” and being working like crazy since then, and I’m just realizing that this is a mess, and needs to be fixed.

Thanks in advance

I had same questions…I am in NY so it may be different. First go to your DMV website…there should be a Q&A page. Check requirements for commercial plates/vehicles. Here in NY it is based on the weight of the truck…it also depends if you have any type of advertising on the truck…if there is advertising(NY) you are suppose to have commercial plates. One way to possibly avoid this is use magnetic signs…that you can take on/off. But technically if it is used for commercial purposes it should be commercial plates. when you drive around see what other business trucks/vans are using…

I thought Carlos’s question was about commercial vehicle liability insurance, not DMV licensing and registration. There is a big difference.

Yes Larry, that is correct.

sorry, I misunderstood the question. I would call a different agent and present the question to them…see what they say. No harm, no flag.

I got a new qoute for insurance a few months ago with Nationwide. When they saw my truck had magnets, they quickly said I would not be covered unless I bought commercial insurance. I explained its a personal vehicle that is also used in the business. Did not matter to them, they said I would not be covered in an accident.

Review the policy carefully. Make sure you’re not signing a [SIZE=“1”]small print[/SIZE] clause that states the truck is not used for business.

I don’t know if I got everything straight Micah.

Let me see … they say truck is not covered in an accident, but I have my vehicles with State Farm, and they don’t cover window cleaning business, but I had them way before I got started on this. So, business insurance with one co. and cars with other.

I don’t know, that’s the thing with winter, too many things to take care of.

My agent was very helpful when I aked. He said if I was using it as a work vehicle and not insured as such I could have problems getting the company to pay. The difference in price for me is a few dollars a month. Well worth the peace of mind.

I would probably raise the red flags, myself. It is better to pay more for a commercial policy than have a liable accident that they won’t pay for.

Yes, and that’s why I’m worried about.
I’ll check that asap, I don’t want to get in trouble when is on my hands to avoid that, or at least take care of the things that are within my reach.

This has always been an interesting subject to me. I own a 1 ton truck so laws here, I have to pay for commercial weather I use it for that or not. I have always questioned the “use” for work? I mean lets say you have a street sweeper. you are technically using that for work. I guess the same would relate to a honey wagon. With us we don’t really technically use our vehicles for work. They are just tool boxes that get us from job to job. Do construction guys have to pay comercial insurance for their trucks. I mean they are not using the truck to build the house? Just using it to get them from site to site. I have never been fond of insurance companies. I honestly don’t think they should even know what you do with your truck other than driving it where you need to drive it. I would however say error on the side of commercial insurance. That is really something you should ask your agent in your area though. Better safe than sorry. Now on the other side my wife’s car is paid for by the company and she uses it to get from home to the office. she does not have commercial insurance(per the agents suggestion). How is this any different? she uses it to get to and from work just as we do. double standard? I don’t know…sometimes I feel like the insurance world just likes to bend us over anyway they can. I guess I am just bitter due to all the money I shell out and never see it again when I need it. sorry insurance frustrates me.