Working On New Scrubber Squeegee

[SIZE=“3”]Believe have finally worked out how to make an Orbital Scrubber Squeegee.

That will be much easier to use, specially made to use on a pole.

No more flicking pads over squeegees.

Will not be awkward to use.

Should be ready, to go soon.

Want to try it out first to make sure it’s a goer.[/SIZE]

Cant wait to see a video!!

Should be interesting! to see it when your are done good luck with it hope it works!

Looking forward to seeing the final product.

[SIZE=“3”]OK today got scrubber squeegee together, had to do a few adjustments.

Gave it a try, seems to work the way it was designed to.

At the moment have an 18 inch set up, so this would be tried on bigger glass.