Working the eco-friendly angle? worth it?

basically it is non toxic (I still wouldnt suggest drinking it! lol)

this post is for the Canadian window cleaners. check out this site if your thinking of using the eco-friendly angle. then click on “green check recognition program”
a business in my town qualified for this check and uses it in promoting their business. Also it got them some press coverage for it too. Green lovers will be looking for this check when they purchase products or services, so if your looking at pursuing that angle, this may be of interest.

Interesting find, thx.

I am looking for a “Green” soap to replace the Joy or Dawn that we currently use. Has anybody used a particular brand that has good slip and cleaning properties?

I have used GG4 and GG3 by the 5 gallon buckets. In the past i have put the soap in a dispensing tank and it drips and spills on the metal shelving unit that it sits on. Needless to say in a years time the GG4 has eaten through the paint and thoroughly rusted thru the cross beam that it sits on. Makes you go HMMMMM…

Many of my guys still use the old traditional boars hair brushes for outside work and prefer the Joy or Dawn consistencies of that type of soap.

We are testing out the Green Liquid Window Cleaner"Green Works" that Clorox has put out …

Any Help would be appricated.

I have used “Sun & Earth” ( brand with reasonable success - it has good cleaning properties, but could use a little more slip. It is completely plant based, mostly coconut and vegetable oils and orange oil. I would love to hear what anyone else has tried and what has or hasn’t worked.

I have been cleaning windows for more than 10 years and I discovered a year ago.

Their dish soap is great and eco friendly.

I will not likely ever change it

WindowGreen - welcome man, seems like this thread was created with you in mind…

Easley, SC, eh?

Wow - I love your little town, have some good friends there…

There are many interpretations as to what “Green” is defined as.

Are you looking for a cleaner that is certified? Green Seal ( )? EcoLogo ( )? I’m sure there are a multitude of other certification resources out there…

Yeah, I was getting ready to start a thread like this myself… not sure how I missed this one.

By Toronto standards Easley is a little town, but it’s about the 4th or 5th biggest city in SC now (obviously we’re still talking SC, though). Who do you know around here?

Who do you know around here?

I know the family who owns this winery:


They live in Easley.

I advertise “Green if it Cleans” I get a lot of sales just because I advertise all my services as Green.

In what way are they “Green?”

All Natural, all Bio, all environmentally friendly.

There are a couple that are borderline, they are the ones for stripping finishes off of marble, and for Oil Well remediation.

I do not want to talk about them too much on the forum yet, because I have not cleared it with Chris yet, and it is his website. I respect other peoples areas.