Working with a multiple property complex

Hey Everyone, so I left a proposal with the local hospital which has close to 45 properties that it owns. Most on the small to medium size. With a few that are three stories or more.

In case I land this amazing gig, do any of you have experience working with a complex like this? Any suggestions? Scheduling, dealing with management, things I should be aware of?


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Yep…be aware that they will be late in paying you. Some hospitals will pay net90!

So if its quarterly, be ready to float your labor because you may not see any money until after the second time you clean some of the buildings.

Also, unless your contact has been around for a while and has influence on the person in AP/AR the one with the lowest number wins the bid regardless of your experience, references or whatever you got going for you.

Reason I mention your contacts’ experience is because if you’re doing insides at any point you gotta use an antimicrobial for any surface cleaning on the interiors. (for example)

Your contact is feeling you out to see if your qualified, and the communication between your contact and decision maker is meaningless.

Here’s a good company to get it from if you get the gig…unless Chris and Alex have some of course but its been a minute since I’ve been on the forum so I’m not up to date yet on everything.

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