Working with Owners/Property Managers

HI Group,

Has anyone here had success in getting owners or contractors to install anchors and tie points for RDS? I have a sure job on a 140’ hotel, but there are no anchors or appropriate tie points. I won’t do the job unless these are put in and up to ANSI I-14 standards.

The contractor spoke with a another WC who told him that he would use a MIO rooftop roller and tie down to drain holes in the parapet. He is basically securing his system to a wood stud and aluminum fascia parapet. I turned the contractor off to this because of the OSHA problems. He agrees that it needs to be done safer. If the owners do not comply with constructing a better system, the contractor will make them independently contract a window cleaner so that they assume liability.

Hopefully, we can avoid all of that by getting the proper system in place. How can we sell that objective? What kind of expense will this cost the owners?

Also, I am looking for thoughts on accessing the windows shown in the pic. It was taken with my iPhone (low quality photo). This is a courtyard with walls climbing 105’. It is covered with a mesh, steel roof. There is no way to drop through this. The previous WC wants to set up his MIO and then climb out the top story window to hook up to the lines. Is this safe? Would it be better to ASCEND from the ground? Would that be practical?

I thank everyone for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate any input from those with experience and knowledge in this area.

I probably will be no help on this Marc but I had one thought - could this be an OSHA issue? If any other wcer tries to do this job a call to OSHA could shut them and the job down. I know it seems underhanded but in reality you would be saving a life. Maybe if the building owners know where OSHA would stand on the work being done in a certain way they would acquiesce and put in the anchors.

ON that job, I’ll only do the insides :smiley:

I love this stuff! And it looks like a nice job, congratulations! :slight_smile:

But I’m uncertain about some things…
The roof is a mesh? It looked like glass in the picture.

Can you fit a rope thru the mesh?
Are you sure about the height, it looks like 5 or 6 floors?

Last, if the windows open, do they not come out?

Not questioning you, I just can’t see everything. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is a steel mesh…Photo is taken with iPhone, so not best quality. A rope will go through, but there are no proper tie-off points anywhere on the roof.

The height is definitely right. It is 8 stories at 15’ each… I wrote 140’ because of the penthouses on top that stretch another 20’ higher than the pics here shows.
I don’t think pulling the windows out are an option. That would cost a lot more for them than installing proper anchor points.

Thanks for your comments. The job is nice (this photo is just one of the interior courtyards). The building takes up a full square city block. But I won’t be tempted to do it unless we can get the owners to install proper equipment.

No issue with the phone, it’s actually a good pic for a phone shot.
I’m staying away from the first half of your post, with the tie downs, because I can’t visualize it. And you seem to be inviting more trouble than you should. With this RU486 and RPG standards… :smiley:
It comes down to, do you trust your rig? And your knowledge/experience? :confused:

But with what you have given me… I’d be all over it!
If you can drop rope from the roof, thru the mesh, hook your rack from the 8th floor window, then get in that chair and do some ‘single drops.!’ :smiley:

But, if the windows [B]can be opened[/B]… they could probably be removed. They look like they should come out from the sides. Put the window half way up and push it to the side… that should ease the tension and pop that F*cker out!

I’m diggin this!!! You got yourself a nice job. You’re not spraying “purified water” on the neighbors houses like most here. You are taking on a real task! :cool:

Beginning to sound like a real obsession of yours. :rolleyes:

It is a bit fascinating. I had no idea…
I say ‘more power to ya.’ Seems like we have some successful people here, and that’s what matters. :slight_smile:

But I’m kind of trying to draw people out to reveal why they do a better job than climbers do.


hey Mark, Welcome back. It’s been a long time hope all is well. Anyways, I know nothing about highrise stuff, I got sick just looking at the picture. you may want to post this question on the IWCA forum as there are far more highrise people there that might be able to help get your question answered.