Worst case scenario

Being booked till Christmas with work for me and my helper and he quits…oye vey…
Too much for me to do alone. Calling around to other local cleaners for help.

What was his reason for quitting?

that hurts. are you at least wfp so can train someone quickly?


Money…He thought he’d be making more, I pay on a percentage and he was slow.

Huge problem with many people today seeking work, they would rather be present and get paid rather than be productive.

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What was the percentage? Was he fully trained or just doing menial walk-ups?

16%…Working with me…my last two employees averaged $18/hr…We only do residential.

How do you handle if they are new and not fast? I don’t k ow your market but that’s maybe just a little lower than what techs make here. I think it’s $18-25 average. That’s in Idaho

We pay on a percentage as well and I struggle to find a balance with new guys. Obviously they are slow when they start so they don’t make a lot. This can scare them off since some don’t have time to wait a month or so to get up to speed and make decent money. I realize that they are an investment so I have done an hourly “training” period to start which pays them probably more than they would make on a commission. Then switch them to commission once trained. I obviously spend more but it helps prevent new guys from stressing that they have to learn and and not get paid well at the same time. Maybe 5 years ago it would be easy to just say tough luck and find another guy, but people willing and able to work are a little harder to come these days.

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Just had a guy ask for a “job” at Church. I asked him how many hours a week he wanted to “work”? He laughed and said he “really did not want to work much but wanted a job to fill my time, maybe call a few people?”
I get frustrated with my people sometimes but at least I’ve got them showing up and work.

mine earn around 18-30 per hour at 12% each for 2 or 20% if alone.