Would you use a WFP on this?

This is a building I am working on and I am looking at using WFP for the glass. It hasn’t been cleaned in a number of years, a large number. I am a little concerned because it will require a larger pole than we have worked with a 60’ and the panes are divided and above a ledge. So with those factors can some veteran commercial WFp users give me some thoughts on how to approach this? I cannot get a lift in to clean two sides of the building so my hand is a bit forced but I could use a few pointers. It is an out only job and there are offices on the top floor so it needs to look good. I have my 45’ pole extended and leaning against the wall so you can see the height. Any suggestions?

A 60ft wfp w/ the Unger multi link system so you can use a long enough goose neck to deal w/ the ledge. And use some Ecover on the brush to work on the extra dirty conditions.

You need a longer pole and a gooseneck