Would You use This?

Seen This do you Think it is Something that can be Used to Make it Easier to Use Your WFP?

Hmmm, interesting. I wonder if the company can do an experiment testing of the window cleaning industry with it.

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It looks pretty cool. If I recall right, we tried to buy one last year to check out. I believe they were a couple of grand.

Yes it’s like all new things always pricey.
Same as when they started selling carbon fibre poles.
They have come down in price.
This would probably be something people would use for the large projects using 40 - 60 foot poles.
And it would pay for itself in the way of no medical issues using heavy poles later on down the track.
Just Saying.

So Chris are you Going to get One to Try & See if this Could be Something that Changers the Way We use WFPs.??
Maybe do a Few Demos.
Or maybe Ask the Manufactures if you could have One to Try.??

It doesn’t strike me as something for wfp work because it is designed for overhead work. Wfp work shouldn’t entail raising your arms overhead. Something more useful for 40’-60’ or more would be a swiveling device that supports the pole at the hip so that the arms aren’t doing it all. Or a harness the goes over the shoulder and supports the pole.

That was my original thought. I will follow back up on it and see if any of the prices have changed. I’m always interested in things that will make work easier.

I would have to imagine we will see all sorts of products like this in the future.

When you look at something like this…

You just have to imagine they will find ways to make products that go on to humans to increase strength and support.

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(designed for overhead work).
Believe this has also been designed can be adjusted to how you want it to work.
But having said this it all boils down to if someone tries this first then we will see.

(Or a harness the goes over the shoulder and supports the pole.)
Think you are referring to something like this below.

We built our own and used it for 4 years. Still do on some 10-12 hour days.


Like this one also??

Also if you at videos show many different ways you can adjust it to.

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Just Contact them Ask them if they Can Show you a demo using a WFP.
Very sure they would also be interested how they work on a WFP.

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Now I have a voice to narrate all your comments with.
That was great. Nice job bending the poles. I’ve now got my project for March. The snow in Idaho will keep me inside when I’m not commuting to Las Vegas.
Looks like you were heading to a meeting or church that day.

Was that your daughter or niece? Too cute , like hello there’s no water