Would you use "window cleaning" in this

logo or no? Why or why not? My business name does not include “window cleaning” fyi. I can see the value of having it right there for people to see immediately, but for some reason, I just don’t like it very much. I’d almost rather leave it off of everything except on the back of shirts. I guess I just like the simplicity of not having it. Besides, it seems to make our services more restrictive to the causal observer, since we do pressure washing and gutter stuff.

Disregard the colors. For some reason they screwed up when I uploaded them.

I prefer it with the “window cleaning”. While Major Panes by itself is clever- without a context to put it in , one might assume anything such as a gym or cartoon etc. Granted you have a guy with a t-bar/squeege but most people will not be scrutinizing the logo- they will most likely just see a little guy with something in his hand. When you put “window cleaning” in the logo, it becomes readily apparent that Major Panes is a clever name for window cleaning and that the little guy is cleaning a window. IMO;)


Yes i would use window cleaning. People might get you cofused with glass repair or something else… I feel like someone made that mistake with a phone number or something…Huh…duno. :wink: Nice logo BTW!

Absolutely with window cleaning in it. It would look cool either way on a shirt tho. If advertising is what youre going for I would keep window cleaning on it, it also helps when inside of commercial buildings so they know who you are and what you are doing there.
Looks good man.

Definitely with the window cleaning on it. Not only does it look more balanced but it states a service you provide.

I’d put window cleaning on it. But remember you can always remove it later, or switch it up to read power washing…etc…

Make it as easy as you can on people, don’t make them guess what you offer go with the “window cleaning”


I agree, I’d for sure keep the window cleaning in the logo. You would be surprised at how shamelessly oblivious some can be :wink:

The key thing is you said you didn’t like the word window cleaning in it, its your logo and if your not comfortable with it then leave it out