Got called to do a quote a few miles from my home at 6:00 p.m. I usually jsut save those for when I go out the next day, but it was down the street so agreed to meet the homeowner this evening. I get there and it is in a well to do neighborhood, brand new home (1 year old). The lady wants two quotes - exterior 2nd floor only and both floors exterior. I do that ($216 and $125) and she and her husband try to beat me down on price right away. They are new here from UK and realize the difference of often clean on smaller flats and this two story multi window home.
The husband says “I’m a business man, can you do better on the price?” I was so over the whole haggling process I just went through with them, I said “Sure, I can do $250; that’s better for me” with a straight face. I also said I’m probably not the window cleaner for you. My price is the price. Then he asked me if I have liability insurance. I say, “Yes I do, I carry $1 million dollar liability”. His expression was priceless. I think he thought I was just a guy with a bucket. Just as I was about to bid them ado they ask if I could do two hard to reach 1 st floor windows for the 2nd story price. WTF! I say for $10 more I’ll do those too. Finally they scheduled for my 2nd floor price plus $10 for the two other windows. No point to this rant other than just venting! lol. Job is booked and they want to do it every 6 months. Really? Okay, I’ll put you on the schedule. Happy Thursday all.


Finally some good news huh?! Way to stick it out man.

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Good to have a place to vent, we get it.

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I never vent about customers haggling and trying to get me into weird partial jobs and to the poor line… At least not More than once a month. :grinning:
Keep sharing and carrying the load together with us.

Garry, I think you commanded respect from them. And I think you will establish rapport with them, they will see your great work, and be some of your best customers. Respects. :slightly_smiling_face:

There was a time when I first started that I would have been unsteady on me feet and folded. lol
The line he gave about “I’m a business man, you can do better than this price?” I almost jumped on that with - What line of work do you do that your customers beat you up over your price that affords you this big beautiful home? But I just dug my heels in and said, “Sure, I can do $250, that is better for me.” :slight_smile:


I had a conversation this morning with a contract writer for a chain of properties I recently submitted bids for. From 3 bids they would like most to hire us, we are 8.5% higher in price. Was asked to reduce my price by 5% which I rejected and reaffirmed the value we bring.

The large amount of work would be tough to fit in but would be a huge increase for us.

It is tempting to give in but hold to the value wr think we provide.


When labor goes up price comes down, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it?! LOL

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Sure does, they were given a discount based on volume but still want me to meet other bids.

I got a call from a chain of coffee shops that wanted me to do several shops spread out in 25+ mile radius. I bid them lower than I normally would ($1 per pane) and they said they will be adding two more soon could do I better on the price. We don’t talk anymore. :wink:


THeres been a lot of talk on here lately about hagglers an discounting
My personal thing with thsi is if someone haggles me it doesn’t bother me, Becuse he ain’t making me do anything I don’t want to do , so what’s it matter.
Haggle away . To me it’s about supply an demand. What’s my schedule like am I dead next week , then if someone is haggleimg me I’ll play ball.
An honestly your in my field I’m good at thsi shit. I want 100 an hour but I’ll tske 80 if therr is nothing next week at a 100. (Arbitrary numbers ).

I’m sure last year I’ve negotiated a handful of jobs last year with a haggler.
I’d be like 450 … they’d be like wow can you do it for 350 I’d be like wow usually don’t discount , but 400 is the lowest I can go. That’s hiw it goes it never goes lower than what I want , An it’s only cause things are slow.

Now if I said 450 ,an they said can you do it for 150.yes insulting as it is. I would just laugh An say I’m nit the guy your looking for try craigslist.

Thank god you don’t come across these bananas that often, but unfortunately we do. Just be ready An haggle to where you want to be not wjrrr they want you to be. Negotiate, or don’t :upside_down_face:


what do you think of this response “will you do itfor x?” “i’m sorry, we don’t build room for negotiation into our price”

Lol. You can responed any way you want. Just like you can price any way you want.
Who’s to tell you how to price ? Try making room for negotiations once in a while see how it works. What are they going to break out a book an show you your off

Hace you ever Gotten a call an you can just tell thsi dude is going to be one of those guys ? Put an extra 50-100 on see where it goes.
Your not holding a gun to therr head it’s just business go elsewhere if you don’t like it.

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HAHAHA…I have had some where I padded the quote a bunch because I did not want the job at all…and they took it! Damn! lol


That’s how we responded to the lady who promised CASH in exchange for a $200 discount. “We apologize if at any moment we gave the impression that our prices are negotiable.”

The lady who asked if we could match a $15 discount another company offered, no problem. I get their business and she’s referred us several times.

This was a great week for us. No one we did work for cried about the price and we made more money than we expected. Next week is booked, too. Off to a great start this spring.

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This is the great thing. No looking back. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear you offered to raise the price.

He asked if I could do better. Not what he meant? :wink:

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Yeah, large condo I did, I did not want to do. 23 ft. high windows, and lots of them. So I doubled the 400 I wanted to do the job. He said, when can you start? Better than 20 bucks in and out for a store front. Oh wait, I dumped him. :open_mouth:

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Was awarded a contract I worked on for a few weeks. Included a pitch to 8 property heads, which was stressful because that is not my th thing.

8.5% was $15,000 higher in price. Sell yourself, be different and be sure the customer knows what you bring to the table. Your reputation can be the best selling point.