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@Chicagowindows :there seen to be a mix-up: I started this topic and for some reason i got the username chicagowindows…I don’t now why?And it’s has not been fixed becaus i still can type here, sorry about that. Hope the moderator can solve this…

Is it really that important?? I use Dawn. I’ve tried a bunch of different soaps. Honestly there is not much difference. Anything will work :smiley:


The only thing I’ve wondered is what others recommend when it comes to hydrophobic glass.

I have a monthly account that has it, and my squeegee just doesn’t glide well no matter how much Dawn I use.

Liquid squeegee



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dawn some or with a little waxie liquid squeegee

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Dawn for the most part, although I wouldn’t mind having a ‘slip’ agent on occasion.

thats just it: Most people agree dawn is a great soap but we all want if posible more slip. As mentiont on those hydrophobic-windows it can be just not enough…About the 'slip-agents’do they work?

‘Lye’ do you meen the ‘homemade-soap’? Never heard of it?

for additional slip i tried glass gleam glide but it is not very good. then i tried winsol superslip and it is very very good

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No, it’s what professional window cleaners import from tanneries in Marrakech

Piss and Vinegar mostly…1/2oz glass gleam, small squirt of dawn, throw in some TSP, add 3 different kinds of slip/glide, ammonia for the outside and then I use the wfp just to make sure. After that I hand buff everything with microfiber and some spray away.

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dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn dawn

do you have a ‘link’ to this soap, i can’t find anything of is on the web?

covering all bases, you forgot the hammer? That will do the job

I do have a bunch of wood ash sitting in in a trash bin…

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what about screens?

what’s the ratio? equal parts Dawn to winsol?