WSIB Rates

Kevin might be the best one to help me with this one…

I’m considering hiring someone as an employee to do ground level commercial work, does anyone know how much the WSIB will take off the top?

I’ve heard for above 4 feet ie. residential window cleaning, its 16 dollars on the 100.

Also, can anyone give me a rough idea of what other deductions and their estimated percentages are involved in hiring someone as an employee? Like CPP, EI, etc?


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What is WSIB - CPP - EI?

Check out the sub forum you are in – Canadian Topics

WSIB = Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

CPP = Canada Pension Plan

EI = Employment Insurance

Yeah - you’re right, Kyle.

15.9% or so WSIB

and the other stuff depends on their income

get an accountant!

I just signed up with

they will be taking on all my employee payment nightmares…
I can give you the info if you want, along with my Rep who can help out. I think they still have the $50 setup special as well.


kevin, so far i’ve learned to do my own taxes, and plan on doing them so long as im not incorporated…although i do know accoutants i can bounce stuff off of.

what im wondering is if there are two classes that window cleaners can fall under, one for ground work and one for ladder work. im going to call the wsib soon and find out…

are there any books or primer articles youd recommend on hiring your first employee?

Yes - the ladder thing is true - if you guarantee ZERO ladders, its only 4%

[I]Better than books on hiring employees:[/I]

Call Chris or Alex, paypal them $100, and ask them in 30 minutes or less what they think you should know/keep in mind!

They probably have more experience than anyone on this subject.

I have hired several people over the past few years, and have learned little compared to these two, but heres what I can share:

[INDENT]1. Treat them with respect.
2. Assume they are smart.
3. Hire people you know or that your friends know.
4. Work side by side with them at the beginning at least for a while, and make sure you are working HARDER than them at all times, so that they understand crystal clear what kind of work ethic you expect from your company staff.
5. Treat them like you’d like to be treated if the roles were reversed.
6. If an accusation is made as to their work/actions by a CLIENT, check with your EMPLOYEE first, before responding, and don’t automatically believe everything the client claims.
7. Pay them as much as it takes so that they are happy to work for you, but not a penny more.
8. Give them a quick raise during the first few months.
9. Buy them breakfast and lunch occasionally.
10. Let them interact with clients unsupervised, when both of you are on-site, after they’ve seen how you do it.
11. Explain exactly what you expect from them.
12. Explain exactly what they are to do if certain common situations arise.
13. Tell them you appreciate their hard work.
14. Be empathetic.
15. Be profit-minded, and impress upon them that for their position in your company to remain as it is, certain amounts of work must be completed, on time, and in the manner you train them to perform.
16. Listen very carefully when you invite them to comment on any issue.[/INDENT]

Off the top of my head anyway…I’m sure I’m forgetting lots.

The bottom line is - treat them well, hold them accountable, and try and remember that if they aren’t making you money, they can’t keep working for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like each other, and treat one another as friends.

That was definitely worth $100 (priceless to some employers.)

Thanks for sharing and/or reminding us!

I don’t think that the question was answered… Likely you’ve found this out already, but the 2 rate groups are 748 (the ‘I think I’ve just been violated’ rate) and 923 which is the janitorial rate. If you want to lay awake at night, railing at the fates, read the description of those 2 rate groups. This is going from memory…The high rise kicks in if you are elevated- standing on a phone book would qualify, I think. 923 allows janitors to do some window cleaning, even on a ladder. The biggie to remember here (sorry to be the bearer of this news) is that if you use a ladder on a job, it is ALL classified as highrise. I have a 10 man hour job that requires a ladder for 15 minutes. All 10 hours are then classified as highrise.

Do not go with WSIB

Go with Blue Cross, they are set up and will send a letter, it replaces WSIB, costs $34 a month, covers 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

It also covers all jobs. My insurance covers me to go up to 3 stories on a ladder, and over must be in a man lift only.

My agent can help you out.


That sounds too good to be true, Ed. I am DEFINITELY interested in learning more about that…

If you are the owner, sub contractor, or have subs working for you then, Disability insurance is the way to go, 24/7 coverage.

My agents name is Monica Olenroot
office 905 426-8822
cell 416 564-7196

If you need business insurance that covers up to 3 stories on a ladder then I have an agent for that as well, who can cover you if you are in the GTA/Durham/Clarington areas

I am giving her your info Kevin/Rilies/Contrast/Marc/Mike for $35 month, there abouts, you can just not go wrong.

Oh, I see, but it doesn’t apply to employees, right Ed?

I am asking her to give you a call tomorrow, she can explain it much better than I can, that is why she is the agent… LOL… :slight_smile:

Think that is right and only for owner/subs?? not so sure, call her or she will call you! She definitely has the lowdown on the info. Her partner specializes in this area as well.

So THAT’S why I got an unsolicited call from an insurance agent yesterday! I wasn’t overly polite with her, especially when she wouldn’t accept that I wasn’t interested.
I have employees rather than the grey area of sub contractors working for me.

well sorry, but I thought everyone would be interested in this, especially if you are the owner. I posted it last week and gave her the info yesterday morning. I try to be helpful. If you the owner fall at night, then wsib does not cover you. Also thought some had subs working for them. Grey area or not it is common practise, and if you do have them, you need to cover your butt.

Mr. Riley sorry to cause you any inconvenience. And any body else, I gave her contact info for Kevin, Mark, Contrast, I did this because you all seem to be good people and if there is a way to save money, get better coverage and not pay the government so much of your hard earned money, then I thought everybody would be interested.

905 409-8127 call me to complain, or I can offer my apologies to you on the phone. Either or, it is all good.

Now that i realise who it is and why she was contacting me (thanks, Ed for calling me today), she can try again, this time by email.

Ed . . . many thx for getting her to call me, and for having someone call me from your number too…crazy, frustrating week this week. Sorry didnt call back yet…

Really appreciate the thought.