X-Jet Mods?

Just wondering who all is using the X-jet and what mods they made to it. I bought one to try out. Not really pleased with it. I mean it cleans good but it’s a hassle to work with. Main problem is the hose being to short. Thinking about adding a longer hose and maybe some quick connects. Just a pain when your done spaying the cleaner and your ready to rinse you have to carry the hose with you. I just dragged it along. I would rather have a quick connect on the chemical hose.

Have you tried down streaming?

Here’s the best mod imaginable.
This Newest Addition to General Pumps Injector Line - INJECTORS GENERAL PUMP / ADAMS

Yeah I’ve tried it on that house and fence job I posted pictures of and was getting bad results. But it was with a injector I had for maybe a year and only used a couple of times. Maybe it was to corroded? Pretty sure I bought one of those Thad recently from pressuretek. It’s still in the bag. Got the X-jet from him too. I just wanted both just in case I ran into a issue. Didn’t want to be stuck waiting for something to be shipped. Tried the X-jet yesterday on the Hotel job. Worked pretty good but the hotel wasn’t that dirty. So it was kind of hard to tell. No mildew/mold. Need to find a really dirty house to try both of them on.

X-Jet M-5 is great other than the inconvenience of the extra hose and bucket that you have to drag around. I x-jetted for a several seasons then switched to downstreaming and haven’t looked back. Once you are properly set up with downstreaming power washing is much easier.

But there are some seasoned pros that still prefer the X-Jet method. Give both a really fair chance so you can make an informed decision for yourself as to which method works best for you.

It’s not so much which one cleans better, it’s your cleaning agents that do the cleaning. The deciding factor over the x-jet or down streaming is what is easier for you.

Not having to carry a bucket of cleaner, and worry about extra hose and different proportioners makes the decision easy for me.

Yes, the down streamer that wasn’t working probably had a stuck or rusty spring from sitting. That’s an easy fix. It’s a good idea to keep several new down streamers on the truck, since they’re so cheap. It’s easier to swap one out then to try to trouble shoot while on the job.

Yeah I’ll try the new one on the next job. We’ll see how it goes.