X jet

Any one out there using the x=jet to soft wash homes with vinyl siding? How does it work? What kind of container do you put your pre mixed chemicals in?

I use that bad ass baby! You can purchase the bucket and the syphon thingy but I opted to buy a 5 gal bucket of gutter zap and it is the same exact bucket with the handle and squared corners. (Not the regular round pail)

The X-Jet with the bucket and connections has made my house washing a breeze. It really has. It’s as easy as wetting, soaping, rinsing and collecting the check.

Thanks Dwight

Here’s a pic that shows the X-Jet and bucket and all. Hope that helps.

I own one too since Dwight made me do it. It’s a pretty awesome tool if you ask me, helps to have a high GPM machine though.

Good luck.

I use the X-Jet M5 on homes with any kind of siding. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!!! Works great, a big time saver and wonderful results.

I use the enclosed X-Jet Pail (about $40.00) to carry and dispense my house wash mix. I carry it on a real small hand truck (from Lowe’s). Beats picking it up and toting it around by hand.

The X-Jet comes with 15 feet of soap hose. Go to the box store and get 50 feet of hose for your soap and you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for the input…

Even if I have a small gpm machine(2.8), will it still draw from 50ft as long as I get the right size orifice for the x-jet? Does it need atleast a 4gpm to draw 50 feet?

I may be mistaken, but I think that I read somewhere that the x-jet even works better with a smaller machine. That can’t be right?.. or is it?

I started out with a 2.8 gpm machine and my x-jet worked fine with it. There are models for varying psi levels and I’m sure that a higher gpm would help in almost all applications of pressure washing as it just makes sense to have more water flowing and less pressure. I think the biggest difference you would see in your machine and a 4 gpm one using an x-jet would be how high you would be able to shoot water.


We couldnt work with out the xjet … its also one of our best selling products!

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Some pics of it in action see below:

sweet pics.

What solution do you guys prefer.

I just got some simple cherry from Pressure Tek and look forward to using it this week.

I use Simple Cherry and love it! You can use it to make the following custom mix which is called “Cherry Bomb”.

In a Five gallon container mix the following:

3 gallons of 6% (household) bleach

4 oz. of F-13

10 oz. of Simple Cherry

a shot of Dawn

then top off with water

This is a fantastic house wash mix!!! I use it all the time. I did a house with it today as a matter of fact. It was a large two story lake home and took 2.5 hours. I use this mix as a soft wash mix with the X-Jet M5 and a 4 GPM machine.

I think I am sold on this x-jet. I just want to know the difference in the regular and the M5. Whats the better one to have overall…if it matters for what…I will be doing minimal residential PW…and do most use thier own bucket…or buy that x-jet one. it looks like that 5 gallon blue tote jug at walmart.

You’ll want the M5 X-Jet. It’s a single nozzle with a dial on it. Rotate it to the left and the stream fans out for softer wash or rinse at ground level. Rotate the dial to the right and the stream becomes more direct pressure that will shoot real high.

The original X-Jet is two seperate nozzles that you have to change for fanned out or direct stream.

As far a buckets go, I have the X-Jet Pail and also have one of the blue Wal-Mart 6 or 7 gallon water containers. The X-jet Pail is worth the money to me. You can see the level of soap mix at all times just by glancing at the pail. I don’t think you could do this with the blue container from Wal-Mart.

When I’ve got a large house to do I know I’ll need 2 five gallon batches of house wash so I mix a batch in the X-Jet Pail then pour it into the blue container for storage. I then mix another batch in the X-Jet pail and use it for the first batch on the job. When the first batch runs out I just pour the other 5 gallons from the blue container into the X-Jet pail. That way I don’t have to waste time mixing chems on the job.

thanks for the insight. I’m gonna use the cherry bomb. I’m wondering though, do you need to let this mix dwell or can you just dump them in, stir them around, and get to soaping?

Also, do you need to pre-rinse the house with just water?
Do you pre-wet the windows or screens cause of the bleach, or does the simple cherry keep it cool?
Is the dwell time about 5 min?

Lots more questions, but will be happy if I just get those answered. Thanks

You can mix your house wash on the job sight and use it right away. Actually that’s probably best. But in order to save time on the job I mix it up the night before or sometimes in the morning before the job.

I always rinse down surrounding vegetation, untreated wood decks & railing, dark stained decks, window panes, and any other item close by that I don’t want to saturate with bleach or soap. I do this before applying soap, while soap dwells, and as a final rinse.

The Cherry Bomb mix won’t really damage glass if used properly but I always wet the glass down before applying soap and while soap dwells as a precaution. Straight bleach would do some damage to glass, especially if left too long before rinsing but you’re not applying straight bleach.

Dwell time with Cherry Bomb varies pretty much depending on how dirty/moldy/mildewy the house is and with the strength of your chems when they hit the surface. For instance, your machine/system may dillute the mix more so than my machine does or vice versa. You’ll just have to play with it. Just don’t let the mix dry on the surface and rinse-rinse- rinse surrounding stuff while soap dwells.

But for a general idea, dwell time can be 5 to 10 minutes. Just don’t let the soap dry on the surface. Just shoot more soap instead of letting the surface dry if it’s not yet time to do the final rinse.

Others may have different ideas but this works well for me.

Somebody pass me an xjet m5, I got the itch!

There are other tools and methods but you certainly can’t go wrong with the X-Jet M5. Be sure to get the correct model of X-Jet M5 that matches your machine in terms of gallons per minute and maybe psi too.

Nuvudude, what is your average cost for washing a two story home using this method?

I really haven’t got an averaged out figure but I’ve been meaning to figure the average cost myself. Let’s see, whatever it cost for:

gasoline- anywhere from 1.5 to 3 gallons I’m guessing per two story

occasional oil change on PW machine and also pump oil now & then

Simple Cherry- I use 20 oz on a typical 2 story ( it costs $25.00 for 10 lbs)

couple shots of Dawn per 2 story

8 oz of F-13 per 2 story

6 gallons of 6% bleach per 2 story

routine maintenance of equipment

buying, replacing, upgrading equipment, hoses, couplers, reels, etc.

The amount of chems listed above is for two five gallon batches of house wash mix. Some homes take more than two batches of mix. It really adds up if you think about it but you can make some serious bucks power washing.

I recently heard a guy at one of the major PW’ing supply stores say somebody told him “if you don’t have a college degree then go buy yourself a pressure washer”. :slight_smile: