XBOX Live... Black People Beware

So I just signed up for xbox live to play Halo 3 (which is probably the most fun I have had with a game). So as me and my son get into matches, we use these headsets to talk and to hear other players. Most people are pretty cool but swear A LOT. Some not so bad and some little kids cursing more than a drunken sailor who just got decommissioned and herpes on the same day.

The swearing is bad, but not the worst. There are many, MANY kids-teens tossing out very racist lingo. The N word is used a lot (by white people), and there are a lot of black people playing! I even heard a group saying “yes master, may I shine your shoes master”, “I hate Jew Bast-rds”. I also heard a black guy shouting out “die white boy die” 10 times in a game (where no one said anything to him to offend)… I also heard people lay into some Spanish speaking guy.

I will continue to play xbox and I understand how impossible it is for them to police millions of users. I mean it is one incredible experience for $7.99 a month… just kill the sound.

check out this link… you can make your Xbox stream netflix movies

Any one want to share their gamer tag for some Halo3 or Call of duty, maybe madden? I am always looking for some new people to play with that I can talk to over the age of 12. I’m not a serious gamer but like to play.

I was thinking about buying one, but I’m holding off as I think the wifey is going to get me one for christmas. I have been droping the hint on the PS3 during commercials “WOW Sweety that would make someone a really great Christmas gift” lol. That’s how I got my Star Wars PSP last year. I mainly play games on my PC, but as of late have been getting more and more ****ed off. I don’t understand why these companys make games that crash on one system, yet are stable on another. I have been trying to finish Mass Effect for the last 2 months now and it’s near impossible. The game will crash at a certain section of it. I remember when I played games on windows 98. What get’s me about this whole thing, is it ran just about every game. Now I have XP Pro, 4 gigs of ram and more power then I could ever want on a computer. Yet these guys make a game on a DVD that has 4 gigs of data, the graphics are better, but the game play has not changed much. Yet all this power, all this data and the crap still crashes.
I would like to make the switch to a console but I’m terrible with those controlers. You need like 6 hands to play with them.

I was too. I went from original nintendo to the xbox. I must say I love the xbox 360. you get used to the controlers pretty fast and the games are so much better than the PS3. Don’t get me wrong i like the games for the ps3 there is just not that many of them. Online playability is great for almost any game you enjoy.