Xero Hose inner diameter/flow rate

just checking before I buy 500ft of this stuff to upgrade my system. Is there any issue with reduced flow through the Xero Hose compared to standard black tubing that comes stock with poles?

If your referring to pole hose what are you getting that smaller than that?

The XERO hose has the same inner and outer dimension as standard Waterfed pole hose.

Like all hose the farther you go the greater chance of reduced flow. We sell 500 foot roles everyday. Some people use it as is others cut it into custom lengths.

thought the inner dimension of Xero pole hose might be smaller. just something I heard but could not confirm.

right now Im using 160ft of mix and matched pole hose with joins/couplers in a couple places. the flow is fine but I would not want any less that what it is. I need to eliminate the couplers because they snag on landscaping bricks and what not, causing me to walk sometimes 50ft or more back to fix the dang snag. Ideally I think I want a 200ft length. Maybe 180ft. Seriously, y’all should be selling a 200ft section. That is the perfect length to wrap around an entire standard sized house. I will not buy two 100ft sections and put another snag point in the middle. So I am forced to buy 500 ft and put approx 300 ft into storage. Is there any way you can cut me chunk off one of those mega rolls?

No snagging if you use this kind of fitting.

Speedaire Straight Crimped or Hose Clamp, 5/16 in Hose I.D 6AFK9 | Zoro

I think that’s the right size you’d need.


Sure we are happy to cut you a custom length in whatever color you like. Just drop @Alex a line and we can set it up for you.


naa its the same we have phased out basically all the standard hose and only use XERO hose on all our in house poles.

I would love to see someone produce low profile or beveled connectors for this reason.

Xero hose is standard size, though some folks do use a larger ID pole hose. You can also use larger ID hose from RO/DI to the xero hose, only using that at the pole.

Thank you! but I am not familiar with this forum and don’t see any way to message Alex either from this thread or his profile page. @Alex @Chris