XERO Max Flow Membrane

has anyone tried this XERO Max Flow Membrane.

i have used several brands over the last 10 years.

most recently a brand that has given me slightly higher outout, lower tds ppm and at a lower cost than others so i have been very happy but when i installed a new one i bought last year the tds ppm is great (2ppm with no di) but the output is less than a litre per minute. So i installed a second new one SAME THING! i have 4 brand new filters and the supplier (not WCR) will do nothing for me.

our water supply is municiple at 65 psi and tds ppm of 110-180.
because i prefer to run without di i like permeate under 8 ppm and need flow of at lest 2 lires per minute.

@chris and anyone else with input?

hey! yeah the new model of membrane is the best flowing one yet. I’m sorry you had to deal with another company! But i can get that new one ordered up for you! ~Jersey 862-312-2026