Xero pure cart repair

The wheels on my system fell off the weld joint to main frame and was wondering if there is a way to either fix it or actually I’d rather purchase a new cart. Only had it for a year and a half so am kind of disappointed this occurred. I take very good care of all of my equipment so I’m stumped at this point and any suggestions would be appreciated.


Chris and/or Alex will get in touch with you first thing Monday.

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We’ve only seen this a few times. Cheapest and best option would be to bring it to a local welder or fabricator and have a few tack welds added to secure the axle back into place. If thats not a route you wish to go, give me a shout directly and I can help you with the cost of a new cart.

If a local welder cant assist we can get you a new frame at our cost.

Alex & Chris,

Thank you for your help it is appreciated.



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Also just wondering what is the cost for cart?

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You could drill a couple of holes and secure it with a U-bolt but yeah welding would be better.