Xero Pure issue

I have a Xero Pure that I love. I have been very happy with this item and would recommend to anyone. But I have one complaint or issue and want to know what other have done to fix the problem. I attached a picture below of the area that is affected. Every time my filter shifts or moves around in the bed of my truck it cuts the small hose at the nipple fitting and makes a leak in the hose. I know I could strap it down better, but wondered if there had been a fix or an updated version. Mine is a few years old.

Mine has a small clamp on it

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Get a heat gun. There cheap ! Or just drop The tube in a cup of boiling water . Get that tube on there better , an put a small clamp on there like Genaro says.

The problem is not that it slips off, but it cuts the tube when it hits something. The end of the brass nipple cuts the vinyl tube and create a leak in the hose. I have to cut about a half inch of hose off and slide it back on. Has happened about ten times. I will try to take a picture of it cut before I repair next time.

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An idea for you.

Equip with some superglue and a product like a protecta-ball.

The brass will still move against the hose but I think it wouldn’t have any cutting power if it were cushioned at the joint.


That’s a great idea for his problem. He’ll have to tape beyond the ball, or something so it don’t keep sliding down. :+1:

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Sure - maybe glue for the hole in the ball and then have a o-clip or a cut off large zip tie beyond the ball.

I had the same issue and just fixed mine.i think you answered your own question , strap it down better.if your going to let the equipment bounce around and get damaged your going to have issues and have to repair and replace stuff.

…Bingo! We have a winner…

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While I agree its best to strap it down better, it’s still a flaw that should be improved. Sometimes I hit it when rolling around in tight spaces. I am sure I am not the only one that has replicated the same issue.

Can you change how the filter bolts to the bottom plate, so that the adapter is pushed 45° inword?