Xero Pure pole tip replacement?

My new pole had a crack at the tip (end piece with red lock down lever). I received a replacement but how do I take old one off and put new one on. Is it just forced on and off with pressure? The cracked end does not want to come off just pulling on it. Thanks.

Its probably glued on. Hot water maybe?


Yes it’s glued you need to use a hot gun or blow dryer to break the old glue loose

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John is right, it is glued on, heat will loosen the glue and the tip will come loose. If there is a crack in the bottom of the clamp, you can gently pry the clamp loose with a flat-head screwdriver. Just do it slowly and it will pop off.

If you have an issue, John or I will be happy to facetime with you to resolve the issue.

I’m a barbarian so I used a saw to cut through the old just until I got to the carbon pole. Worked for me <2 min


Or you could do that :grimacing: