Xero Pure RO membrane change

I put in a new RO membrane in the Xero Pure, but now no water is coming through. I can’t find any videos or instructions on how to change it, so I don’t know what went wrong.

One thing I did notice is that the membrane I took out had one “male” end, pointing down, and the top was flat. However, the one I bought had the “male” end on both ends. Should the top one not be there? Do I need to take it off somehow? It was the exact same manufacturer and model number on both the old and new membranes.

Any pointers?

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Very important, one end of the RO has what is called a brine seal, that needs to be at the top of the housing. Open and make sure its facing the correct direction.

The double nipple versions of the RO is not issue, the top nipple just goes into the cap.

Is the RO back in place tight and secure? Are there any leaks?

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I don’t know what a Brine seal is, but I just pulled it out and it was put in the same as when I took it out.

Both membranes say Axeon. The old one says HP5-4040, and the new one says HP1-4040. They look pretty much the same with the exception of the double nipple that is open all the way through. I’m stumped.

Now I have water coming out at the bottom of the RO, but almost no pressure, and if I run it through the DI, it’s barely a trickle.

The brine seal is like a gasket, its only around one end of the RO, it needs to be on the top of the housing.

How long has it been running? ROs take some time when new to build up pressure.

What else changed? Did you swap out the carbon filter?

I let it run for awhile. At least 10 minutes. I didn’t change anything else, but I did check each section individually to make sure something else wasn’t stealing the pressure. It’s definitely the RO.

I just put the old membrane back in and the pressure came out normally. The only difference visible is that the old membrane has a sealed top in the middle and the new one is open all the way through the middle.

Let it run longer, 20 minutes.

If pressure does not increase, get some readings from the RO for me. TDS incoming, TDS and volume from the waste and the pure.

Email me the results and we can go from there. alex@windowcleaner.com