Xero pure v Tucker Cart

Whos got which one and which one does everyone think is the best? i choose these 2 because there both similar priced. its time i got an R.O so was looking for some help on which one to get. Thanks

They both do the same thing, they both accomplish the same result, can’t go wrong with either. Xero is Chris’ brand so if you have a problem he and Alex got your back. Tucker is RHG’s brand and if you have a problem they got your back.

So it comes down to which color do you like best?

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XERO pure - Americas #1 Window Cleaning Purification System.

The Tucker System ( we also sell a ton of these )


You really cant go wrong with either of these. Both in stock, both ship basically same day.

BUT The Tucker is 20% off this month.

GIve us a call anytime if we can help. 862-266-0677

Or chat with us in the right hand corner of the site anytime :slight_smile:
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Does the xero hold more resin?

Yea the XERO has about double the DI capacity.

Although the Xero holds more resin the operating cost is the same between the two systems because they use the same loose resin and cheap carbon filters.

Any questions, let me know.

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