Xero WFP systems

It seems like the Xero version made for hard-water and regular use is the same as the older Wash-it Pro. I remember reading a thread that Chris posted which made it sound like the Wash-it is junk, and breaks constantly. Have the issues been addressed with the Xero, or is it identical?

I have no idea, but it seems like a business relationship that didn’t work out, but are the Wash-it/Xero units still running into the same issues? I don’t even know what the issues are, but I’m looking into a WFP system for larger projects such as condos and commercial buildings that are interested in my services.

No No No!

The Wash-iT was the Wash-iT for 4 years, our best selling system, made in the US, not China. It is now the Xero Pure, same great quality, still made in the US, still our best selling system.

The “new” Wash-iT, 2 or Flow is not out system. Chinese made, plastic, not ours.


Got it. Thanks for clarifying Alex.

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Anyone with questions just check out this video.


The wash it xero is awesome. I had the ionic system and Ettore and i think the wash it is the best.

I love the fact that I don’t need to buy expensive parts, just a bag of resin.


I have two Wash-it’s (now Xero Pure). The first one is on it’s third season and the other one is on its second season. I have not had one single problem or issue with either of them.

I don’t even use the DI. Just the RO. It brings my Water down to about 6 ppm which is plenty good enough for a spot free rinse.

So with the Xero Pure you can reroute it to only use the RO without the DI?

Absolutely! There are quick connects at the bottom of the machine. Just route them so the DI is not in use

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What’s the price on that? Can it be laid down Fr transport in between jobs without any problems?

If it is the same as the wash it pro, which it seems it is, it is designed to be transported sitting down and even has spots for tie downs and ratchet straps built onto the frame.

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I lay it flat in my truck all the time and haven’t noticed any issues aside from rolling forward and slamming the cab when I stop. Probably ought to tie it down or something…


Was it @Kyle that had his wheels break from sliding in the back?

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Can it reach up to 60 ft with a pump?

Do you know how long the unit is off hand?

My Xero is 51" from the ground to the top of the RO

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On residential pressure no, not that many residential windows would be 60’ high any way.

With commercial pressure, yeah usually, but I’d have a pump on hand if you plan on working that high.


We have a situation where we’re working off an irrigation control valve which usually gives around 40 psi. Hard water and we need to use the wfp for 3000+ windows for up to 60 ft apartment complex. Would RO/DI work with a pump for this? Would I have to use DI only to get to the taller windows and use RO/DI for lower windows? I suppose I will burn through some DI filters in this scenario.

yes… was transporting it in the back of the truck… driving to a jobsite intown and the plastic wheel broke.

Hey Sean,

I don’t think you’re going to have success at 60’ with only 40psi, operating in RO/DI mode. I’d recommend a booster pump for sure.

If you’ve got very hard water, operating in DI only mode will kill your resin pretty hard. If you know your average TDS reading, you can use the chart below to determine how many gallons your DI would produce VS RO/DI mode.

But again, if you’re PSI is that low and you need to reach 60’, a booster pump would be your best bet. We have a great 12v pump and a very powerful 110v pump.