Yard Sign Placement

Anyone take the time to ladder up a tree or telephone pole and nail them in?

Our county has one crew who goes around removing these. They just came so the signs would say for nearly a year.


My YARD signs go in my customers yards. My Tree signs dont exist. I use Yard signs on H post in the ground and they stay for years. Unless a Homeless person takes it.

I have a buddy that puts out “bandit signs” after dark (100’s a night)

1/2 Guys ride in the back of pickup… he pulls up to the poles they stand on the edge of the bed to get height (out of easy reach) they staple or tape sign… then they fly to the next one’s…

They can cover a town over night

(Not saying it’s right to do but, it work well for him)


A lot of city’s don’t allow for post signs in the public domain, without permits.


lots of roads have speed signs that we all exceed.

Would not flood a city like your pal but some strategically placed ones I would get 16-24 feet up.


Cheap billboard advertising

What city are you in that allows this haha

I never said my city would allow this type thing…

(And I know his area doesn’t allow it either, but it works)

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Don’t they get receive any fees for this :joy: If I tried this in Oregon, i’d be shutdown haha

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Yes fines come in, but the profits out weighs the fines.

As fines increase so doesn’t bandit sign campaign.

(Not saying it’s right to do but, it work well for him)

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SO true. Im just lucky to have the accounts AT West Salem Ace Hardware, and Round Table. Allows me to place a sign in West Salem and Keizer station.

Just put it UP with one of these, they’ll need a FD ladder truck to remove it. LOL

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We have one city that sends a letter giving 10 days to remove any signs

$500 a pop

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I won’t play with signs in that town…

…his fines where $50 a pop and went up from there.

I’m having a hard time figuring out where I should put my yard signs if not in a customer’s yard. The whole “public right-of-way” thing is very confusing.

Just ask permission from your client to leave it in the yard for a few days, after you just finished an amazing job for them, very rarely will they say no, people in general like to show off to the neighbors.

The higher it is, the better it is to see IMO

I’m guilty of this as well. I did it originally because it’s simply easier to access the “tough” areas like islands in the middle of busy intersections or high traffic areas

It’d just be me and 1 buddy and our process was this:

-My buddy sits passenger while I drive. I have a small 3 step ladder in the passenger back seat while my signs in the trunk.
-I pull up to desired telephone pole and park. While I get out and grab a sign out the trunk, my buddy has already grabbed and set up the 3-step to the pole. I simply pop up, Staple, and start walking back to my car. By the time I reach the driver’s seat, my buddy has already grabbed and put the ladder back in my backseat.
-On to the next one
*I use the ladder because those who remove the signs tend to leave them if they can’t reach them lol

This. Because I had spent a good amount on the signs, I made sure to only place them in the most strategic and high traffic areas. If people see your signs flooding the town, some may think you’re cheap or annoying.

Wow! I’ve looked at my town’s ordinances. Doesn’t call for fines (luckily). Worst comes to worst I’ll get a nasty phone call, but that hasn’t happened yet. Only thing to happen is the local Police on 3rd shift go around taking them down after about 4 months. I use the step ladder because the ones they can’t reach they just leave there. I have a few that have been up in the most key spots for nearly a year now lol

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