Yeah...Osha's cool with this…my new favorite website!..SECOND, second favorite, next to WCR of course.

Stupidity should really hurt!

I’ve said it before - you can’t fix stupid!:eek:

Hey, get a picture of me, look how I get this window clean…this should go on my site, they KNOW I dont cut corners!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to me they’re installing/repairing, not cleaning. Not that makes any difference :slight_smile:

Failblog is AWESOME.

Amazing that there are still lava lamps still around. :eek:

R i d i c u l o u s

I know. What an epic decorating fail.

The guy holding the rope is the best part of that picture. You can tell he loves his job haha

Yeah he watching and planning when he’ll let the rope go.