Yep, more soap questions

So… I just been using dawn and vinegar for cleaning windows when a while back I was low on dawn and needed something to get me through the rest of the day when I stopped back at my place and picked up this.

We use for lots of other stuff so figured why not. I didn’t add too much into the mix and it worked great! Been using it with my dawn and vinegar ever since.

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Why do you use vinegar?

It helps get rid of the white haze on windows. Was thinking one of these days to try ammonia, but it seems to help so why change it

I used Dr. Bronners peppermint pure Castile soap when I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail. It got rid of the hiker funk for sure. Heck you could even brush your teeth with the stuff.

Never thought to use it for windows. I buy the big bottles at Trader Joe’s. I did find some other links that cautioned against using vinegar with Castile soap. Mixing a base and and an acid.

Thanks for the tip.

That must of been one heck of a hike! Thanks for the link. When I mix them together it certainly doesn’t look like this or I would never try and use it. The stuff I have been using is the Hemp Baby Unscented stuff. Now I couldn’t say for sure on how much I use of each of the soaps and the vinegar because I just eyeball it when I pour it into my water. But I use more of the dawn and vinegar and just a little bit of the Pure-Castle Soap if that makes any sense

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The mint soap is the most refreshing soap I’ve ever showered with.