You know it’s not Spring yet when…

Happened on todays job lol

Right before the customer left to work he asked, it’s okay to work in this weather right? The water won’t freeze or anything right? Me - nope :sweat_smile:

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wow, lol

like cleaning freezer glass doors on the inside side :grinning:

Ya 27 degrees no sun that’s what will happen.
Oh well like they say S*** happens

Oh yeah, we called it yesterday and today. Had a bunch of house washes on the schedule, but it aint even worth trying.

All my years doing this. I’ve never cleaned freezer glass doors. I have a friend that says he pushes for that. Why not I gueess glass is glass

Between the winds and freezing temperatures I took yesterday off

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it only took me once, years and years ago, lesson learned, lol

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This is my first year of waterfed. I did a house on Thursday at 8AM and I luckily had no problem. It was 27 when I started and it never froze over on the glass. I think I got lucky.

Me too

Did you start in the sun. Usually that will help, then as time goes it will start warming up

I know what you mean. Somedays you look at weather and think, yeah I should be alright to waterfed today. Them Mother Nature pulls a fast one on me and is like
…“Nope. You ain’t waterfedding today son”. :joy: