Good evening everyone and happy new years. My pops introduced me to this web sight today so I just wanted to introduce my self to my fellow hard working window washers out there. I live up in Sacramento; Ca, I’m 24 and have been cleaning windows for 6 years or so, day to day. Our biz does resi;commercial, new/post new construction and other services. Fun Fact - I was the first cleaner to break Ettore’s ContourePro+ Squeegee Handle while washing away - LOL.
I’m going to be in San Diego next Feb for the IWCA convention and I’d love to meet new faces. Hope to see some of you there. :rolleyes:

[COLOR=Blue]Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy the discussions. If you were the first to break the Contour Pro, I was the second, Mine only lasted about 4 months. Good idea, lousy product.[/COLOR]

Welcome Stud! I too will be in San Diego for the IWCA convention look forward to meeting you;)

Just another little fun fact…i was one of the 1st to get my hands on a Ettore Contour handle before they became available to the general public it does pay knowing the right people:D

Evening Steve, are you out in Ken_tuky? sory I do a lot of short hand.
It’s always great to have contacts in all aspects from work to play so good for you. Thank you for the welcome. Mine Lasted less than two monthes; I’m going to school for drafting and engineering (CAD) so it only helps me aswell. I got a question for you. Do they protect the windows out there during const, as in puting a film over the glass like ‘Anderson windows’ is getting into recently. Some kind of film or protective plastic film over the glass? I look forward to talkin to you and the all opinions. I would like to meet up with you in SD to shoot the brease, I’m not competative, I just want to help my self and others. One Question tho- I have a 3 point harnes, any recomendations on rope Brands/ D Clips? Besides Cleaning Sky light cleaning, I’m also into cliff climbing
Thanks for the time

hello Matt and welcome…Your kinda close to me. I’m in Anaheim. Fun fact: I did CAD too. Architectural drafting.

Too bad it turned out to be a piece of junk…

I was the first kid in my class to get a zit.

I see that makes 2 of you not happy with the contour handle. I myself had the 1st one for a good year & only lost one of the screws on the back.

Since then my 2nd one is holding up fine,my suggestion to those who use them is check the screws as well as the clip/pin for the release frequently that should help.

I think its a great handle problematic deep sills are a thing of the past;)

by my count, that is 3 that do not like the product…

Was that during beta-testing?

Funny…you mention “Beta-Testing” im currently testing the “New” formula of Easy glide by unger:D

Make that 4, like the idea but have broke too many now and will not purchase another again. May be worth the cost if the thing could stay together.

No, funny you mentioned beta-testing!

don’t get me started on Easy-Glide… :rolleyes:

Whats your beef with easy glide?