Your best after market tint cleaning tip

This stuff has been kicking my but the past couple days. I’ve ran across 2 homes in the last week with the stuff on the outside. I was actually able to do stain removal on one of them. I tested small area and results were great…

My question is whats some tips/ lessons learned/ warnings about after market tint.

Personally i like foaming glass cleaner w/ huck or microfiber to take care of smudges. Cant use wool aggressively because it…scratches!

I also up the amount of GG4 in my bucket to provide more glide with less H2ohyeaaaaah

I like a Triumph MK3…lol
Seriously, you nailed it. I dont mind tint inside but when you see it on the outside it makes you scratch your head. I like it when you do commercial work and they put tape on it to hold flyers etc…AACCK