Your go-to multi tool?

Let’s hear what you all prefer in multi-tools for various situations, and why.

Mine is a Victorinox SwissTool.

I use the big flat blade for prying stuff. Philips for shutters or the occasional storm set removal.

Pliers, everything. Just wish it slid out easier like my Dad’s Gerber did.

Awl for a few odds and ends, screen spline removal, punching out hinge pins.

I even used the saw to cut the end off a wood cone so my scrubber fit better.:laughing:

This thing is a TANK. I did manage to break off the flat blade but ~20 years using it the thing is pretty much bombproof, if heavy.

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The first and best gift i recieved from my grandfather was this multi tool.

i was young when he gave it to me and he requested that i carry it with me everyday of my life. Since then it has been with me everyday, i have it in my pocket eveywhere i go, even church. Its the most useful tool i have ever owned. Theres so many uses its not understandable until you own one.
This Christmas I had one custom made just for him, engraved with our nickname for each other “Rockward”. Rocky is my name and Howard is his, hence “Rockward” was born. I got him the Champion series multi tool wich literaly has everything even a pen, wich he thought was amazing. Lol
I havent gone a day without mine and it will be with me untill i pass away.


I never clean residential windows without these two tools in my pouch. A Leatherman Wingman and a bent putty knife.

Leatherman Wingman because it has just the basic tools on it and it is inexpensive. I think it’s like $30 at Home Depot.

Bent putty knife because it is so much more versatile than a regular straight putty knife. I mostly use it to pry and wedge window sashes open and to pry out sliding screen door screens.

I have other Leatherman multi tools also but for window cleaning work I like the Wingman the best.




Leatherman skeletool.

Mostly gets used to open beer bottles.

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