Your Phone Script

Would anybody be willing to share the script they use when calling up customers to get them on the schedule?

Ours is basically this:
Hi this is Chris

From All County Window Cleaning, I was just giving you a call today because we noticed you haven’t been on the schedule yet this year. We are running a couple of specials you may be interested in… [/B]

[I]Then go into the specials.[/I]

Any ideas for improvement?

I feel if they are already a customer, “offers” can be overkill. I booked 70% of my list without a single “offer”.

Sometimes we assume we need to keep buying them off. If we train them to only react to a “deal” we will need to keep improving it every year. Next thing you know it will be like “$25! You only charged me $20 last time”

Your company does a great job. You have an excellent crew. Your customer relations is incredible… but, sometimes we do have those that only react to some kind of incentive.

That is where a segmented list needs to be generated (real tough for your massive data base). You can set up a seperate script for those that react to a deal only. If you find it profitable, offer them one.

Do not offer it to everyone

Hello, Mr./Ms/ _______________, this is __________________________
from _____________ Window Cleaning.

We wanted to thank you for your past business and also remind you that according to our records your windows are probably ready for cleaning again, is that right?

[I]Yes, probably etc…[/I]

I will be happy to handle the scheduling for you right now; do you have your calendar in front of you?


Ok then let’s look at the week of the __________ does that work for you? Would a __________ (day) or ____________ (day) be preferable?

Great! How about the ____________ (date)?

We will be there to start working between 8-8:30 am, how does that sound?

One more thing, many of our windows cleaning customers are using our gutter cleaning service now. Would you like us to do a free check on your gutters while we are there?

[I]What is it, ect…[/I]

We will check the gutters and the down spouts to make sure they are working properly and let you know if they need any attention. Many times we can take care of you right then. If not, we can leave you an estimate and schedule the service for a later time. If your gutters are clean and working properly, we’ll let you know that too. Fair enough?


another thing we should be doing on [B]all[/B] these calls is upsells (if we have them) as Steve does

Here is mine.

Its Doug from Star Brite.
I am just giving you a courtesy call to let you know that you are do again for service, would next Tuesday work good for you?

(or you can use what ever date you have open, catch my drift)

I also like to add, [I]“If you have an upcoming special event, we can try to schedule as close as possible to that date.”[/I]

Gets them thinkin serious about booking!

Mine was the following:

“Hi Mrs Jones…Steve Wright here with Clearview Window Washing Service. Just wanted to let you know that according to our records, we last cleaned your windows on <date here> and it’s that time again for us to put the shine back in your windows. Would this Tuesday at 9 be good for you or would thursday at 8 be better?”

It got changed up occasionally just to keep it fresh, but the above was basically it. I never asked direct questions that required “yes” or “no” answers. It gives the customer too easy of an opportunity to say “no” which would effectively ruin the chances of converting them into an appointment. So I preferred providing “choices”.

Right…upsells are important for sure. But when making that follow up call, the primary goal needs to be in securing the appointment. So that’s the only thing I focused on. The process was to call, make the appt. quickly (or set up a callback time), get off the phone, make another call. etc. etc. So I saved my upsells for when I was at the customer’s home. It’s harder to say no if at the end of the job something is said like: "Mrs Jones, I noticed your ceiling fans really need a good cleaning. Clean ceiling fans and clean windows go hand in hand. Can we tackle this for you? It’ll only take a few minutes and cost just $<dollars here>.

Just some extra thoughts to think about. Have a great day.


I agree Steve with the upsells at the time of purchase, however depending on the upsell and our schedule we may not be able to add gutter cleaning or power washing or whatever.

I agree in getting through a list quick, but I also believe in making more gross sales per call.

I think if the upsell fails on the call, try again on the spot- if we have time.


Lots of different ways to get things done for sure. As long as at the end of the day, we’re making profits. :slight_smile: Have a great day.


What script would you use to thank the customer for allowing them to use your company to satisfy their exterior cleaning needs?