Your Price Per Pane?

What would you price per pane for this interior/exterior clean.

1st floor 2nd floor. Interior are cubicles.

use the phrase “insides as accessible”

insides can take twice as long if there’s deep 4" frames that are dirty etc and people working and stuff everywhere, esp if you’re gonna be climbing cubicles etc

Do you know how long it’s been since the last cleaning?

All commercial interior cleaning contracts have this phrase

"All loose objects and obstructions which impair the operation of listed services in the scope of work section must be removed from the job site
•Client must inform employees to remove all object from interior window sills and have window fixtures/shades drawn open on interior cleaning scheduled date.
•Interior objects that require removal and replacement by contractor are subject to an additional charge of $3.00 per window. "

1.5 years

9$ is where I’m at.

8-10 per average size window structures

If that’s all there is wouldn’t get more than $500 out here probably go for around $400


Dam thats alot of panes lol over hear i would have been at least 800-1000 pounds that’s water fed, and that’s every 6 weeks. its also about what kind of window cleaning your using water fed or traditional.

Are we seeing everything in this picture? Or is there more of these on the other side?

There are 3 other sides and an atrium/glass curtain at main entrance…

I just estimated a job like yours at $3 per pane for exterior only and was told that the company already doing it (they are very cheap) is charging $2 per pane. Seems so darn low to me but I guess that’s what it takes sometimes. Good luck.

Out here in Florida I would get $10 for 2nd story for each pane and I would probably charge $6 for the lower based on the picture(looks reachable)

Just waiting to hear back from the CO now. Thanks for the replies.