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Most of you have seen pics of my truck and the costly graphics. The guys who did the graphics gave a 5 year warranty on them. A year after, the laminate on the hood was failing so they replaced it. So far so good. This year I noticed some fading, blotchiness, loss of shine of the graphics on the passenger side of the truck.
They told me 3m would cover the inks, material, and labor to replace the two doors. That’s great but here is my question to you all and look forward to your opinions. The graphics being redone on the two doors will most likely not match the graphics that are on the front fender, bed, rear of the cab, and rear window. If that’s the case, I would be responsible to pay to have those areas redone(close up photo attached). If this was your truck and you spent $3500+ on graphics that are failing in a few years, would you be ok paying for part of the graphics that are not failing as of yet but are dependent on the main part to look consistent and professional? Please keep in mind there is a 5 year warranty on the graphics. I already know how I feel about it but want to see how the shoe fit’s on your feet. Thanks for your time,

I’d wait and see just how different it looks, it might not be as bad as you think. And no matter how it turns out, you will be your harshest critic.

But for me personally, I probably wouldn’t worry about a slight difference in color…it would annoy me but I would deal. If it’s noticeable from the front door to the street then I’d consider having it redone.

What if in a year from the doors being redone the remaining graphics surrounding the doors then fail? What if then they being redone don’t match the doors? Thanks for your input man, I really appreciate it .

Hey Art!

Hmmm tough one. I think I would ride it out as Taylon said and see how noticeable it is… (see if it really bugs you). If it does possibly talk with the guy further or people at 3m about the “non matching dilemma”

I would let it go for awhile, just keep tabs on the warranty deadline. If the rest of it then starts to fail, claim the whole works - whoala!!! New vinyl wrap altogether, then do it again in another 4 years or so…hehehe

I would probably request the whole side redone. That way it all matches. What does the warranty allow for?

That’s what I would do. Wait a while and see if the other parts fail and then have them replace the whole thing.

Dress up in your clown outfit and go talk to them. They’ll give you anything you want. I would.

How much would it be on your end if you had to pay?
im sure when you were looking into it, they pushed thier warranty… now its time for them to ante up.

If its the same company they should have the .ai file that went to what area on the truck. Each peice should match up perfectly unless it was done all as one peice and cut to fit?
I wouldn’t pay a red cent! No way no how.
I gotta follow thru on my gaurantees…so should THEY! 3500 bucks for that bad boy. That one area wont cost nothing but material and a couple hours labor. They already have the artwork. Looks like they are trying to cover labor out of your pocket.

Did they tell you all this when you got the wrap? I bet they didn’t. I would be real upset Art. That is one serious peice of work on that truck by the way. That looks great! I can’t wait to get mine done up.

hahaha… no doubt.

I would look at the end result and go from there. If I were you I would
ask others how it looks, not how you feel.

Most of us are WAY more worried about image and perceived image
and it tends to cloud reality.

I know a guy with a rusty old truck doing $2k a week. I would not drive it
but it shows that image is indeed not everything.

Here is an update. If the new graphics on the doors do not match the fender, cab, and bed it will cost me
Material - $220
Peel/Clean - $75
Apply - $187.50

Total Project - $482.50 +tax

The graphics are 2 years old and if the doors don’t match they will not replace the fender, cab, and bed under the warranty(not now, not a year from now, or even waiting until the warranty is almost over) So what I want to know is if any of you were in my shoes and you shelled out almost $4000.00 for graphics would you settle for this? Would you accept the financial responsibility to fix what you had nothing to do with, in it’s failure?

What was the wording in the warranty? No. I would not accept it. They should fix it. The wording in the warranty matters
You might be able to take them to small claims court and win.

Did they tell you this or are you just assuming it to be the case?

Unfortunately, that’s pretty standard. If your car gets wrecked the insurance company will pay for the original paint on the damage and if the rest of the paint is faded and it doesn’t match, too bad, so sad. I’d hate to think what would happen if your truck was hit…

The graphics on the hood failed less than a year after they were applied. They redid the hood and it does not match the sides of the truck. No biggy due to the graphics not being next to each other.

Would you be eager to pay the $500 to have it match?

If they are willing to replace the doors because of fading, blotchiness, and loss of shine of the graphics, why are they refusing to replace the rest if you find that it also has faded when the new pieces are applied.

what if the cab, bed, and fender start failing a year from now and they replace them then and they now do not match the doors?

I think it’s a tough call Art. A few have recommended you get the warranty stuff repaired and ask others for their honest appraisal of the difference. If it appears like it is a big issue then drop the coin to replace what is not under warranty. Either way it’s still a sick ride my friend!