Your very own WC Show

Have an idea for a new window cleaning themed or based show? Let me know or produce one yourself!

Over the winter Nation will be back for season 3 once a week on Wednesdays.

Then well have Sanchez and Tool talk with Mark once a week as well.

We would really like to have 2 other recurring shows, so there is new content every weekday.

So Ideas? Anyone?

What kind of equipment is needed? I know you don’t need the best video camera, but what about editing software?

Well we use imovie, I think Mark may just use windows movie maker. I am sure he will chime in and let us know. I think Sanchez uses a mac to. But if need be we could edit it for you, we would just get the raw footage from you.

Over the winter is when we will see the most people on the forum here, it be nice if there was lots of content for everybody.

iMovie here.

Any basic editing software will do.

I would create a marketing show every couple of weeks for you guys.

There needs to be a WFP show. Starting with
“what is WFP”
“how to start your first setup” "
“what accounts should you go after with this equipment”
“what problems may occur and what’s the fix”
“safety concerns”

Good call.

I know this is prolly bad to say or even think of but here it is.

I would love to do a show about stupid clients and the things I would love to say to them but really can’t. uncensored of coarse. although a show like this would relieve a ton of stress for me I don’t think it would help anyone else’s view of my professionalism. wouldn’t even have to be all that long either. 3 minutes tops. lol can you blur out the window cleaners face?

Was going to suggest some marketing talk with Kevin, but he already offered himself.
And +1 on the WFP Show (WFP for dummies) :slight_smile:

Venting on camera already got us in a bit of… not trouble but… ok I guess you could call it trouble.

With a capital “T”
And that rhymes with “P”
And that stands for Pool.

True that! It was partially ment as a joke. The other part I was being serious. Serious in a jokeing sort of manner. It would be fun though. Thanks for the lesson from the last videos. They are still the shizzle.


Ahh yes even now months later, this morning I fielded an email from someone that is still mad at us about “episode 12”

But anyway Kevin a marketing show would be SOOO awesome… We would love to host it.

The WFP show is also another great idea! Are there any WFP pros here that would be interested? Feel free to contact me privately if you wish.

I sort of envision a whole online window cleaning tv network in the near future.

Sweet. Its official then.

A WCR exclusive broadcast, twice a month.

I know Mr. Sanchez has some great tips for wc techniques. Will he be covering residential in the future or just commercial?

Residential is a whole other animal. There are many other elements to deal with such as:

• taking apart storms (metal, wood, clips and screws)
• Safe ladder use
• Screen removal & cleaning
• track cleaning
• french panes and leaded glass frenchies
• interior wc setup. ie: full bucket vrs BOAB vrs spray bottle on a belt
• etc.

I heard he is covering those soon…
just thought I’d pass that on to ya Mark

Cool, that guy Sanchez rocks!

just thinking out loud…maybe a show over winter on winter window cleaning? for the guys that deal with this?

I select you! :stuck_out_tongue: