Youtube Red as a learning tool

Maybe wrong area but wanted to share this resource. I initially got the Google music subscription as a music lover and I’ve enjoyed it more than other music services. But a huge plus is the YouTube red service which keeps videos playing in the background as audio and actuality consumes less data and you can download the videos too. Nowadays I’ve been listening to hours and hours of Google adwords tutorials. Ideally you would like the visuals but when I am finally in front of the computer it all comes to me as I’ve listened to every aspect broken down many times. Anything you could want to learn is on YouTube. Seminars revolving around a book are also awesome. Pretty geeky but when you become obsessed with making your business grow, you gotta be obsessed.


If your not, bet that your competitor is.


I love YouTube Red! I mostly listen to theology though. I will have to tap some marketing videos. It also helps the day go by quicker and makes things less monotonous.

Who do you listen to?

Theology Wars!

I don’t listen to anyone in particular. I generally choose a doctrine and search for good videos and listen to different sides of the argument until I draw a conclusion. At least that has been my latest approach.

I went through 2 different church history courses from Acts to current, a couple theological history of the church courses from Acts to current, History of the reformation, theology of the reformation, life and theology of Luther, life and theology of Calvin. I did an in depth study of church history and the reformation for about two years and became Catholic.

I started the Summa Theologica but haven’t finished it. I am going to go through the Ante-Nicene Fathers and then other key figures and their writings. Would also like to go through the Catechism.

I also have the Bible on audio file on my phone which I go through that. I love it because you can go through an entire book of the Bible during the day and dig out all the nuggets and then when you get home at night you clean them up.


Summa! I’m not Roman Catholic but Aquinas was The Man on theology and metaphysics. You can get the summa of the summa which is probably the best book to tackle. The original work is like 14 volumes.

The problem with the summa is that Aquinas will be like “they believe this because of this” and you’re like sure that makes sense. “And because of this” yeah I agree. “And because of this” sure that logically follows. “But only an idiot would believe that because of this” well dang.

The antinicean fathers are awesome. Browns book “heresies” will take you through various heretical movements like arianism and why nicea was so important. Or chalcedon etc. But reading the actual recording of nicea through eusebius was awesome.


Jared what denomination are you?

I’m non-denominational. If I had to choose one, I’d be closer to the baptists than anything - but modern baptists tend to be stuffy most of the time. I’ve had a pretty thorough study of the church fathers, councils, modern religious movements (cults and world religions), as well as philosophy (Aquinas is the big dog there), and came to a different conclusion than you did (I’m not a roman catholic). I’ve argued with Thomists regarding several things and that’s always fun because I don’t break fellowship with Catholics, it’s just that I’m not one.

Have you studied the Radical Reformation?

When you say radical reformation Are you simply speaking of the reformation or is that a book title?

the radical reformation was the anabaptists and such

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Both, there’s a great huge book by the title, I can look it up if you’re interested, but it was basically a movement that felt Luther didn’t go far enough in rolling back the Roman stuff. The anabaptists were part of that movement and basically were persecuted by both the catholics and the protestants.

Got it. I did cover some of that but jot in-depth. It wasn’t necessary for my focus but would be interesting to cover at some point.

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