Anybody see this infomercial? They call it advanced fiber technology that can hold 20 ounces of liquid. I may give them a try. Has any one used them?

I first saw it (a demo, not the infomercial) within the movie 10 Items or Less (10 Items or Less (2006) - IMDb) – my two thumbs up BTW.

A short time later while visiting my Mom, we went to Sears where an actual demo was taking place. Huckster City, as you might imagine – I thought I was at the county fair. Mom wanted to try it out, so I bought one set for each of us. The next time I visited, she explained her buyer’s remorse, and flowed me her set (unopened.)

It’s very absorbent; I’ve considered using it cut-up in manageable pieces for frame wipes but have yet to crack it open…

Do you think they would be effective as detail rags Larry? Or are they just not cut out for that?

My initial thoughts were that they might leave a bit on moisture on edges unless one wipes s-l-o-w-l-y. That would defeat the purpose of replacing a huck or microfiber for me. But then again, I have yet to try 'em.

What about price Larry? Are they cost effective or is it just a case of using what you already have?

I haven’t done the math yet, but if I were to compare equivalent prices per 16" x 16" piece, I’m guessing it might be equivalent to the 36-pack of 16" x 16" microfiber cloths I just picked up at Costco for $15 to try out.

I like my hucks cut in half for ease-of-use, so when bought in bulk, they are definitely price competitive and I enjoy their detailing ability.

For cut-ups, I like high-end microfiber cloths (Unger window, Unger heavy-duty Restroom, Steccone, etc.) The low-end fluffies always stick to my fingers and tend to pickup crap (like dry leaves; not Seth’s stuff) at inopportune times.

Yeah. I can’t stand the microfibers because they stick to my hands like Velcro. I never really gave them a shot because of that but I also didn’t feel like they were more absorbent than my blue surgical towels.

So I’m not the only one that can do magic tricks :smiley:

I have something similar, a microfiber synthetic chamois. This is every bit as absorbant as the standard style micro rags, but doesnt pick up nearly as much leaf, mulch, or other dried debris. Since I cant stand using a sponge due to their bulk, I find products of this nature to be a good substitute for heavy pick up and sills as opposed to any sort of detailing.:wink: