1st big problem with Safe restore

I didn’t know you had one Larry. Not sure if getting the Hydro Handle or the one wit the polisher, I don’t trust batteries much and the RPM are different on a battery drill and on a electric polisher. Which one do you have Larry ?

You lost me on the rooster-tail thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t keep it flat against the glass, and it threw mud on the ceiling (centrifugal force!)

Sorry for the amount of questions, but until Monday I’m gonna have to keep looking for info here since Jflint is closed

Based on your experience, do you think is easy to mess up a piece of glass or is the system somewhat forgiving ?

My thoughts are, if I already have to pay someone else to do it, the worse it can happens is I can make the glass look worse and have to STILL pay the guy to fix it for me. Customer is really cooperating with us and don’t put any pressure on us, he knows s**t happens and he’s really pleased with the service, so I might take advantage of that and play a little to see if I can fix it myself, learn in the process and add another valuable tool to the arsenal.

Thanks again Larry

I had cc 550 put a haze on a window once and used Bio-Clean and a buffer and cleared it up. Doesn’t cost much to try.

You’ll only make it better with the kit, Carlos.

If you’re going to try CC550, make sure you’ve tested for the tin side ad use PPE.

CC550 has impressed me when I’ve had to use it (I had a bottle on the shelf for a year or two before I finally used it because I was over-cautious.

I won’t be in the business for long now, so not really willing to try another chemical approach, I’m not too financially savvy so I’m thinking the kit is a good choice, it will also allow me too charge what I really have to charge to deal with hard water removal. I was charging $15-20 per window and ended up cleaning more windows than the ones the customer asked for because I don’t like to finish a job, leaving behind a lot of windows which look exactly the same way they were before I cleaned them with a squeegee. Is not the deal, but that’s the way I am, still have hopes one day I would care a little less, but it’s gonna have to be in another industry.

Thanks to all who commented, I have the kit in my cart so Chris should be shipping it to me hopefully on Monday.

Where are you moving by the way Carlos?

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It’s not about caring more or less, it about providing a service that is beyond the scope of just cleaning – restoration. Set accurate expectations with clients.

Hope it works out well for you.

At this point I would Pay the $85 per window to get it fixed. Customer is waiting on you, you want to keep the customer happy too it sounds. You still trying to figure out what system to get, with no guarentee you will do it right. Have the company come in and fix it…it will free up the day for you to make the money back…and a load of stress(to an extent) off your back. JMO. Good luck, keep us posted

Customer is not in a rush, instant “damage control” was key here, he called me and I was there 20 minutes later. That showed him I’m on top of everything and a couple of follow up calls where made already, everytime he says “I know you’ll take care of it, so don’t worry about anything”

I’m ordering the kit, even if I mess this even more I think this is a good chance to add another source of income to the company, I won’t receive a whole lot of money from it but the person who buys the company will sure appreciate the added service, and when not really increasing the asking price of the business, it’s gonna add value to it.

Ever since I saw your post I have quenched my desire to get into the water spot removal arena. I had read several forum posts about cleaning hard water spots and thought I might offer it, but I couldn’t stand the thought of having to buy new windows for a customer over something I screwed up, if even by accident. I’m not rich and my business is fairly new. I will have to read a lot more about the positive results cleaning that stuff off windows.

Now I’m going to go out on a newbie limb and just ask…what the heck is tinning? Is it a fancier term for factory applied tint? Thanks in advance for the informative response.

Eric J

I meant squelched…

Eric, I’m not the one to talk about this being there’s a lot of people here with way more knowledge about this issue, they’ll sure chime in shortly.
When we refer to tin is the tin side of the glass, which is not TINT. It’s a term that comes from when the glass is made, they float the panes over a “river” of molted tin, so one side touches the tin, and the other the “air”. That’s which there’s a tin side and an air side, the air side could rarely if ever react to chemicals, but the tin side can still contain traces of the metal and react with some chemicals creating haze or burn.

I’m going to hold on the Mr hardwater kit for a couple of days, I’m in ghetto-mode right now and just cut a scrub sponge I had from when I bought my reach-around and then cut 2 pieces of 5inch diameter to fit into my orbital sander to give it a try with some glasstastic glass guru I got from WCR. If I have time I can stop by tomorrow to give a try and see what happens.

Don’t be afraid, if you have the right mindset it can be very profitable, there’s a market for it for sure, but is risky and mistakes can cost big money.

Thank you =)
I just wonder if sometimes the glass was constructed back works because the windows on the house today just felt weird on my squeegee and it wasn’t aftermarket tint. I appreciate the knowledge though. It’s nice to know more about what I do other than wipe on, wipe off…

Why not buy it and take it with you? Jeff Flint says doing shower doors pays up to $100 per hour.
That’s here in the states. Imagine what that can bring in Uraguay…

I already bought it, mostly thinking in the added value for the business.
Taking it with me, I don’t think so, the market there is completely different as the income is completely different too, also consumerism is not at the levels it is here in the states, lots of people are DIY and there also a lot of preventive maintenance.

And, the water is WAY much better there, people can still drink from the faucet if they want

The thing about the Mr. Hardwater kit is that it’s 100% safe… And you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about as far as making anything worse. In fact, it’s a huge asset to your company to allow you to say yes to quite profitable jobs that might have been out of your league before. I really believe that the value that the Mr. Hardwater kit adds to your business is 100 fold greater than the actual price in the WCR store. I could be biased because of the hard water in our area, but I feel like anyone with a shower in their house would adore you for $100/hour…

The kit should sell nicely with any business.

Curt is right, for us in high tds areas, shower door h/w removal is a great upsell. It’s probably my most frequent upsell. I don’t have the Flint product, but whatever your method, provided it works, is an easy sell for the most part.