1st Complaint on BBB

…was from them directly!

I got an e-mail from them today about a complaint. What surprised me is I never registered (or at least don’t ever remember) with the BBB. They contacted me about two years ago asking for the $400, but I politely declined. Never heard from them again. Until today.

So, apparently their complaint is from my website and my “100% satisfaction guarantee” to our customers. Here is what they wrote:

[B]"[/B][B]Bureau Ad Concern:
Consumer Concern: Claim/ Issue Challenged: “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

BBB Guideline: "When the term “warranty” (or “guarantee”) is used in product advertising, the following disclosure should be made clearly and prominently: a statement that the complete details of the warranty can be seen at the advertiser’s store prior to sale, or in the case of mail or telephone order sales, are available free on written request.

“Satisfaction guarantee,” “money back guarantee,” “free trial offer,” or similar representations should be used in advertising only if the seller or manufacturer refunds the full purchase price of the advertised product at the purchaser’s request.

When “satisfaction guarantee” or similar representations are used in advertising, any material limitations or conditions that apply to the guarantee should be clearly and prominently disclosed."
In the e-mail they say they want my response by December 20th. Again, I’m not a member or do any kind of “advertising” with them. I know there are a few threads here discussing whether or not the BBB is a scam or not, but has anyone else been “contacted” by them like this before? Them giving me a complaint/low grade - or whatever it is they do - by there own admission, seems to be pretty low.

You may call and make sure it’s legit first. I’ve received a couple emails from spammers posing as BBB, saying their has been a complaint. Then they try to get you to reply and produce bank info.

If it is legit, that’s pretty silly.

It’s legit. And very silly.

tell 'em to blow

Huh, maybe you ticked off Bucket Bob.

Just tell the BBB that your website isn’t fully completed with the information, thanks for the heads up, and that your satisfaction guarantee and what it entails is fully disclosed to the consumer at the time of estimate.

File a complaint with the BBB and call local news station

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Again, the BBB contacted me and wrote up a complaint about what I’ve put on [B][U]MY[/U][/B] website. I’m not a BBB member. There logo is not present on anything my company has been associated with. But why do I get the suspicion that they wouldn’t have complained about my customer satisfaction guarantee on my website if I was a member? :rolleyes:

The more I write about this the more it ****es me off.

Can you file a complaint with the BBB against themselves? That would be awesome!

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Have them have their lawyer send you something in the mail. Documentation you know. Sounds bogus to me.

In there e-mail they stated that they sent two letters in the mail. :confused: Of course I never saw these letters.

i don’t know I thought it would be funny though just to see

hello BBB
yes I would like to file a complaint
thank you sir what has happened?
a business is extorting me and harassing me even though I have never done business with them , it is very odd.
so sorry to hear that sir, that is not right, the BBB is on your side, what is the companies name?
the BBB !

I wouldn’t believe that if there wasn’t a return receipt or certified letter.

Does the email address it came from read like a legit BBB email. They have their own proprietary address I believe.

Do it, record it, and send it to the local news ROFL!

id call em and make sure its legit. Then if they puff their chest, threaten legal action and media attention… should make em relax

^^^^What he said!

[QUOTE=Lsmain;276014]id call em and make sure its legit. Then if they puff their chest, threaten legal action and media attention… should make em relax[

Yea, I would definitely call them using a number that is known to be legit.

Pay attention to the fact that they are are advertisers looking for there cut($400) more so than the best interest of a potential client looking for a contractor. Personally I’d tell them 2 pound sand.

I remember seeing it on 20/20 I think how you can’t file a complaint against them lol

Always remember the BBB is a NON-GOVERNMENTAL, FOR=PROFIT organization.

You do have rights.