2023 Updated Pricing

So I know theres tons of threads but lets keep it real, inflation is up. So here was my last years pricing and Im curious your thoughts on it. Yes I know we all ha e different expenses, business nodels markets etc just generally speaking. In 2022 I was $3.25 a pane quarterly $3.75 every 4 months and $4.25 every 6 months or 1 year. $2.50 to $3.00 a pane inside and these prices include screens on the first cleaning and spring/fall there after. Where are you sitting in 2023 and Im hoping to get more than what makes me happy, my expenses my market yada yada. Thanks

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We’re between $8-10 for inside/out/ screen/ tracks per pane for resi for new clients , regulars get discount 10-20% off original price

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So a slider would be 16 to 20 screens plus tracks

Average $5.00 per window (double hung or casement), large windows $8-$10, screens $4, tracks $3, sliders $8, all exterior. In and out double the window price only. These prices are fairly standard, added 4% overall price 2020/2021, added 5% overall price 2022/2023. Certainly there are cheaper out there, I tend to stay near the upper range and deliver service to match that. I also target rather wealthy neighborhoods who are used to paying for good quality service.

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Las Vegas
Exterior Pane $4.50
Interior pane $3.50
Screen $3
Tracks: dust them out but explain we do not do deep cleaning:
Overall: $8-11
I should raise screen price as we use screen magic like stuff on all screens and it takes as long to wash and apply that as cleaning 2 panes.

Yup , but same price if it’s a smaller window , we use the average rate on a home . Homes have big and small windows .

Also I must clarify that not all window panes have screens and most of the work we do is on newer home so the tracks have light dust .

Do you guys have these large arched windows above the door that you need a ladder to reach?

If so how much do you quote these?

Is the grid between the pane ? Is so I would be between $20-30 for that top pane , that window actually doesn’t take long really if the grid is between

I hate those big over door windows and the wooden mullion that has to be taken down first then clean the window. Yes, ladder up. Charge for window, mullion, and PIA fee.

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I stopped taking those wooden Mullins down, or even out of ground floor windows. Especially if they’re tight. They’re a PIA to pull out , and they could break . I said could ! I can get them out without breaking , but a lot of times they’re broken already , and who’s left holding the bag. Trust me I’ve pulled them out cleaned , and put them back in so quick so I wouldn’t get blamed for breaking when it was the last guy who broke it . They’re easy to put back in and to look like they were never broke. “ Well not always easy” :woozy_face:but you know what I mean.

So what I do now is spray way , Squeegee , and a rag. Yup it’s tedious , but works out fine. Of course I give customer the option of pulling them out themselves , and tell them they’re prone to breaking which is true , but I’m not talking them out. I can clean them in
Yes you can get drips , if your studious drips can be managed.
Charge the right price, and give them the option to take them out to save some money.
I give the price and tell them if you want to save X amount you can take Mullins out.

When I’m cleaning them if sone are loose I will take them out. It’s the tight ones that suck.

If it’s a real high end house I just give the price I don’t even insult by asking them to take them out.

That’s Last thing the want to hear

I’ve been cleaning this way for many years now. I just go back.over every window and check for drips. I got tired of puking them out and they were broke , or even I broke a few in my time. It Haappens.

I hate them mullions, I feel like almost every home has them around here.

One high end home I clean has some PIA ones in the front of the house, I might do this lol

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I still price based on location, primarily how far away it is or if it’s in a development that kills valuable time in getting to the house. I’m doing $8-$11 per full pane depending on location. This includes any screens that are part of the window being cleaned. So sliders and double-hungs are $16-$22 for inside and out. Divided panes would be more.

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When customers ask for deep track cleaning do you do it or say no and if its a deal breaker then oh well. I personally hate tracks and dont feel I cam charge enough for them. I’d rather skip and clean more glass

I have a pretty good system for tracks. I don’t do “nooks-n-cranny’s” unless the customer asks for that deep clean, and there is a charge for that. Almost all do not ask for that. (Stains are stains, should have called before it got that bad).

For tracks: Track brush and cheap $1 paint brush to loosen dirt, vacuum out loosened dirt, quickly scrub with white scrub pad, wipe with rag. Takes less than a minute (maybe minute and a half at most?) and optics to the customer is great, $3 x 25 windows = $75, if you want to do the math. Add that to in/out window cleaning price.

For Screens: Set up and use screen washer preferably out front where neighbors and passers by can see (subtle little marketing ;-)…). Quickly scrub frames with soapy water and scrub pad, run screens back and forth 3 or 4 times through screen cleaner, then tap excess water off and stand on their corner to drain while you go and clean windows. $4.00 x 25 windows = $100. You just added $175 to the 25 windows x $10 (inside and out) of $250 = $425.


Palladian windows start at about $40 each for us, more if they’re multi level

When we closed on our house, we got the key, opened the door, took all the mullions out of the porch windows (17 of them) and threw them in the trash lol.


I’m pretty similar, for those specific ones that you need a ladder for above the front door I usually do 50.

Also it’s funny when customers say they only have 6 DH windows and it’s these lol

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And when the tracks have mud or become water from the waterfed pole or are full off moss then what do you do?

insides first while dry to avoid wpole wet/muddy tracks

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7% each year the last two years, so if you haven’t adjusted rates in 2 years since jan 2021 a 14% change

CPI Inflation Calculator (bls.gov)