A dog bit me today. My best customers dog

What to do in a situation like this? All dogs love me, usually. He was a collie who lives on a farm and he was obviously trying to herd me in and out of the house. It nipped a couple times and I was like, oh that’s strange she’s never done that. I shrugged it off, no owner around. Then after a few hours of in and out, I came to give the customer the check and she bit through my pants, ripped my pants and broke skin. A very small amount of blood. I was like “Woah, your dog bit me” and while the customer was definitely upset and concerned, I still shrugged it off more than I should have and we didn’t really revisit it. At the end she said she was sorry and blah blah blah and said something like, “I should buy to some new trousers, too I guess.” I kinda laughed and said “if you think so.” No tip, no offer or real resolution.

I clean this ladies windows and blinds 1-2 times per year and windows 4 times per year. She’s easily my most frequent customer. The last thing I want is to take legal action or bring drama into my life this time of year. Just way too much going on with work already, so what the hell do you do?

If you do not want to take legal action then you vent here and move on.

You could probably get 5 figures and lose a client. She’d lose a dog.


I’ve heard biting a dog on the ear works. Just say “excuse me real quick” and give it a try.

Either that or ask her to lock up the dig next time.

what is there to sue over? the pants aren’t that costly, you don’t need a doctor or surgery. i would just check to see if the dog had it’s shot or whether you need a rabies shot.

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also, it’s a good excuse to ask the customer to have the dog locked up during your next visit


I would ask for the dog to be restrained on future cleanings.


Thanks for the replies. That’s kind of what I figured, just move on. It was my initial reaction, anyhow. I know I can’t take action unless there is something to fight OVER, but I mentioned it to a couple industry friends and they freaked out like I should have done “something” or should have at least been offered money for new clothing.

And yes, I will request the dog be put outside.

Mostly just wondering what you all would have done, too.

nexlt time youre there bring a spray bottle with you ,filled with soapy water

youll only get one chance so make it a good shot,right btween the eyes.

i had something similar happen and once id got the spray bottle the hunted became the hunter. i loved stalking my prey !


Spray bottle filled with ammonia works good. Or vinegar. But refrain from filling with antifreeze


A few years back i was cleaning windows for a customer and they had a dog which was nt bothered by me at all and seemed friendly.It all changed when i finished the back of the house,as i was leaving through the side entrance the dog came up behind and bit my leg for no reason.punctured skin and blood was drawn.All unprovoked.I obviously could nt avoid the attack as i had my back turned and carrying a ladder on my shoulder.The rules here are simple…if a dog bites and draws blood it can be put down.The customer did nt seem bothered or in anyway sorry for the incident.

But if a cat does the same thing then it’s “just being a cat”. Double standard!



Collies are herding dogs and intelligent so if it is an alpha dog then it sees the world differently and people don’t understand them fully. I would simply ask that the dog be secured while you are there, but also have some dog treats in your pocket for any time you see the dog. The owner should be addressing this issue with socialization training, but you say it is on a farm, so likely not much of that going on. With quality treats you have an opportunity to socialize the dog to benefit you.

(Just remember that if a pet owners draws down on you with a gun.)

I have a quarterly maintenance job I do and the customer inherited a Chihuahua from a deceased relative; it bites me every time but the other two larger dogs great me like an old friend. The customer or the house cleaner puts the little ankle bitter away when I am there.

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Absolutely. Even misting with ammonia can cause respiratory damage.

Not everybody lives in Florida @Garry, but I suppose this is still a possibility…

Chicago and California seem to have a lot of gun encounters, and any farm USA has them.


True that. But we do live in the “gunshine” state lol

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Don’t forget DC. Not only will they shoot you and rob you, they’ll rob your great-grandchildren AND make you vote Democrat after you’re dead.


Don’t forget Detroit ( :wink: ) and Gary, In.

water and ammonia in a spray bottle or squirt gun, can be a life enders for humans and our furry friends

@VisionJarred sorry to hear that happened!! Just make sure to keep the bite clean to ward off infection.

Per capita, Florida isn’t the worst for gun deaths. Not surprisingly the more populated an area the more homicides, rapes, robberies, and general violence. Solution is to not get all bunched up in an area! lol

Apparently dogs are not the only creature that needs to be socialized. Maybe next time someone attacks, give them a Girl Scout cookie…lol…Behavior modification you know? Here man, have a Do-Si-Do, chill. :slight_smile:

Jarred, maybe next time try playing with the dog when you get there for a few minutes. A Collie is way different than a Chihuahua - they are just snippy little dogs. I’ll be trying to win that little crapper over in subsequent visits. :-/



I was bit by a collie 6 years ago. It really pissed me off. 2 years ago a dog tried to bite me when I was walking around a house. Kicked in right in the face. That ended that. Lol