Above Top rung ladder work (Pics)

[SIZE=“4”]Don’t try this at home. These stunts are very dangerous and should only be performed by a professional lunatic.[/SIZE]

My friend Erik is quite the nut. Figured I’d share some pictures. Standing on the tip of the ladder (above the top rung) is just a days work for him. I’m seen him walk 9 inch ledges 4 story’s up. He’s also pretty good at chair work. Last summer I worked with him on a job he needed a footer (60 foot ladder work) man I wish I would of taken pictures. He really should be doing something to show off and get paid for the gift he has.

24 fully extended on slanted landscape with footer

28ft fully extended, above top rung

28ft fully extended, above top rung, one foot

[SIZE=“4”]Don’t try this at home. These stunts are very dangerous and are performed by a professional lunatic.[/SIZE]

Oh man your about 2 catch some heat 4 those pics and fast. Good luck man.

I am at a loss. I’m sure he knows it’s wrong and just assumes he’ll be OK. In a couple of the pics I saw a small pole. Why not just use it and stay safely on the ladder?

He makes his own decisions. They’re his jobs, his insurance and his butt if something happens. Not sure what kind of heat you think I will get, but everyones entitled to their own opinion I guess. I’m not too worried!! Just thought the pictures were worthy of sharing.

LMAO! I was thinking the samething!!

Honestly I could care less if he ended up on his ass. Personally, as a client, I would not have him on my property. That has professional written all over it(not really man). I’m not saying he is working out of his comfort zone but how would it be perceived by the neighbors? I am guessing he doesn’t do that while the home owners are around. Does he?

There’s no heat for me to catch bro. I just took the pictures. I don’t practice the same techniques with my business. First off I don’t have the balls and secondly I run my business in a professional manner. Thanks for the concern though. If you find the pictures offensive for whatever reason, stop the hating and simply don’t look at them. :wink:

Honestly you shouldn’t care. Has nothing to do with you. Why are you so vocal about this anyways, Worry about yourself dude. Again if the pictures offend you in some way, don’t look at them… Just go listen to your iPod :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It has something to do with me… now. You placed the pics in a PUBLIC forum. You also submitted them looking for a response. You would have to do much more than place some pics online to offend me.

They’re pictures, not porn. No reason to be offended.

You can call the guy a idiot - I think he’s an idiot. He knows he’s an idiot.
Not like I posted them saying. HERE’S HOW YOU CLEAN THESE WINDOWS.
This guy is my hero.

Here’s another picture someone took.

Is this dumb? Yes
Is it safe? No
If I took this picture and posted it in a Swing Forum are you going to give me a hard time? Depends on how closed minded and how much time you have on your hands, I guess.

I took the pictures, I posted the pictures and that’s it man. For someone to throw heat at me over this, Well - You have way too much time on your hands.

Speaking of which I’d love to stay and debate with you, but I have afternoon jobs to do (thanks to the rain this morning)…

Good day!!

Wow! Looking at these pics, I can only visualize something going wrong and this guy hitting the ground with a SPLAT!

i love those photos ! great stuff

I would of just bought a 32 footer. maybe rented a 40.

fearless or stewpid?

but I do enjoy seeing pics like this- highly entertaining


I am not at liberty to comment, I am offended. Or at least that is what I am told(shouldn’t even be viewing the pics).

all i have to say is to each there own … I could imagine if he was a employee for me and i pulled up to see how he was doing !!! I would lose my mind for sure.
No offense to you that took the pics … But i must admit the guy must not have a family to support to be doing stuff like that, Or if he does he’s not thinking about how he is going to support them if he ends up as a full quadrapalegic or worst yet dead !
When we were young yeah we thought we were invinceable and yeah we should of gotten hurt for some of the things we did do back in the day, But now most of us have a family to take care of !

those are some intresting pics, that guy is fearless. thanks for posting them, not sure why everyones cryin about it…

You’re welcome, I thought they were interesting :slight_smile:

Yea me too, well not so much anymore, I’ve seen him do it again and again.

Thanks, Although he’s even hard to watch sometimes.

He’s def fearless, and somewhat stupid IMO. He makes it look pretty easy. For me reaching half my body off the ladder or standing top rung of 6 foot step is about as ballsy as I get :slight_smile:

I’ve told him this again and again. He says it’s probably going to happen someday, hopefully not today :slight_smile: He really should be using this for something that would pay him more than window cleaning. No family!! He had an idea of dressing up in a spider man outfit and repelling down a glass building. Then using suction cups on both his hands and feet to crawl up and down side to side. He was thinking a Vegas Show on one of the bigger all glass buildings. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and if he was tied off it would be safer than the craziness he pulls now.