Advice on securing my water fed poles to my roof rack

My business uses a Toyota Tacoma and an older Mazda Pickup both have ladder racks on them and I am looking for a solution for my water fed poles. I am currently putting them in the truck bed which is 6 feet and when I am out with presure washers, hose reel etc it is a mess.

I need advice on a professional looking way to secure my water fed pole/poles to the ladder rack, anybody have any ideas? Any input is appreciated

I know Yakima sells paddle holders for their rack system. Anyway to adapt a set to your rack?

I dont have aq Yakima style rack however any idea helps, just dont want my hard earned money flopping aropund in the back of my truck

Just get some pvc pipe 3 or 4 inch and mount it to the rack put a cap on it and the pole is secure, You have to remove the brush.

Nice exactly what I am looking for, did you get that setup at home depot, I like how you put the tanks to the left, gotta try to move mine over on the Tacoma. Freeking Six foot box is getting on my dangadang nerves

lol i got rid of the tool box, in the way…I put them on the right side because of weight distribution and rearview window for backing up…I moved the stuff in the toolbox to 2 tool boxes(in the cab) and a 13 cubic) tub from walmart in the bed.

No I meant the 6 foot bed on the Tacoma, how do you upload pics to this site

click on the advanced options and then click on the attachments


Your DI set up looks very good !


Hey Mark …

Try photobucket…It works great !


I store my WFP (s) on my ladder rack. I keep it in the center of the rack between the ladders. I use one of these Welcome to to secure it. Just place it around the rack bar and the goosneck and give a couple twists, then coil up the hose and give a couple more twists to secure the hose and you are good to go. They are ~$7 a pair at Lowe’s.

thx…still a bit ackward but workin on it…didn’t have the mounting bracket for the carbon filter…

So Do you also have a micron filter…and I see two di tanks…is one being used as a polisher, or do you just
flow through one tank then when that one is exhausted you switch over to the other ?


I see them both hooked together so I assume one is the primary and the second is the polisher/ Right ?

I also use kwiktwist and love them. I can’t remember the last time I had to use a bunge. Awesome product!

Pretty cool product with the quiktwist, I like them. As far as the two tanks are concerned its the same as running one tank except you get 1000 gallons instead of 500. One tank is from the city water and the other tank is to the waterfed pole

one tank is cation one is anion better results than a mixed bed in one tank.

Haha I never knew that, anyhow my setup is exactly like yours but in a Tacoma, im going to roll with the PVC idea with the cap. How much is that PVC?

cheap the threaded end and cap are the most expensive, 6ft of pipe cheap…less than 20 for all I think

I put the poles inside my van, inside a PVC pipe. The pipe is mounted to the side and I just slide them into the pipe. Each has its own pipe and i also put the extra hose in there as well.
Soon I will be looking to change the setup to put the PVC pipe in the middle actually and I will secure it to an internal framework of PVC pipe so it will hang downwards. Sounds odd but I did a test run, and it works great. Then just run some bungies from side to side and hang up the wet towels/huck cloths etc. they dry nicely that way as well.

I am now going to go look at those twist tie thingies… LOL
anything to stop using bungies on the roof, although right now I mostly use large velcro straps and they hold and work great.

This is 6" diameter, 10’ long. I’ve got a 27’, 18’, and 15’ in there easily. I bought front and end caps and mounting brackets. Long story short, I ended securing the tube with cable ties (thanks mrvic!). I bought 24" ties, but had to use two connected to make it around the tube and rack, so 36" would have been better.