And away we go

Hi Mike,

Thanks for coming the other day! - sorry for the delay in getting back to you- I’ve been swamped at work and retiring soon.

As far as the window cleaning, you might not remember but we remove all mullins and screens and we don’t have storm windows.

We just need the windows cleaned in and out and would appreciate the best price you can give us, especially since we are doing power washing at the same time.

$445 is way too much for us. We used to pay Frank $250 for many many years and that was an expense!

We are on fixed income retiring soon, and we’ve lived in our house for 37 years and it’s in great need of repairs.

Please let me know the best price you can give us for power washing the patio and 2 walkways and the cleaning the windows.

My son had used our power washer to clean the back patio and it came out great. I’m not sure (since you haven’t done it for us before) if I understand what is described in your description (sprayed and surface cleaning machine)- is this a power washer? Perhaps we can talk on the phone when we both have time - please text me if you can.

I don’t think we can afford to power wash the house at the same time right now, unless you could give us a good deal. Perhaps I can try to use our power washer and wash down the siding before you come, but I have to find out if I can.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Most sincerely,

My Reply

I’m sorry you feel this way. I’ve been cleaning your house for a few years now. You’ve seen our work ethic and the quality of work we do . I have many many repeat customers over the years. They call me back for a reason.
I own a house I understand everything is expensive , my prices are this way so I can be profitable and remain in business. They’re not meant to rip anyone off. We have a respectable company that strives to do the best possible job, and I take pride in that.
Unfortunately this time of year is our most busiest. I have no problem filling my calendar this time of year. I really wish I could tell you I could do things for cheaper, but I can’t.
Since Frank has been doing your windows everything went up in price from 30- 40 percent.
My commercial vehicle insurance went way up , my liability insurance is way up , my medical insurance is insane with a deductible that’s not even fathomable, my advertising guy has gone up, everything Joan
So I feel your pain , I am a home owner too; and anyone I get to work on my house the labor costs are a lot more than when Frank was cleaning your windows too.
Please let me know if you want to schedule for April 6th. I need to know , because I just put out 10 estimates and already I have potential clients wanting that date.
If you’re willing to wait til fall I can give you a small discount , because you’re a regular customer, and I cherish all my repeats, but a company has to be profitable to stay in business these days.


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Haaaa that’s great.

She used soooOoo many words to say she needs special treatment.
I’d pass on her as a customer.

You handled that with great patience sir.


lol I thought of that clip as I was reading that.

What you think you’re better than Frank?!? :rofl:

Keep us posted on this. I’m curious if Joan is gonna call her son back to power wash the patio lol


“you got change for a 100?” :rofl:


whats interesting is you have people that use vendors all the time, and guess what, they appreciate those who have proved themselves in their eyes and dont hassle them one bit about anything, including price

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It’s amazing , and here’s the kicker … her, and her husband are both Dr’s. One or both have their own practice. What there practice is… I don’t know. I think one might be a Psychologist or something
Can you imagine quivering over a window cleaning price. Saying that was and expense. I mean she lives in a nice neighborhood yet the upkeep on the house is astoundingly embarrassing. So now, becuase they’re retiring and more than likely going to sell the house she has to put money into it.
Yet that money she puts into it will bring the value up, but she’s going to nickel and dime every contractor that comes her way.
The good part about it is she will hire a fly by night some where along the line and get what she pays for.
Wait till she gets a load of what it costs to start having contractors in her house. I’m sure she hasn’t seen one of those estimates in years. :rofl::rofl:.

Usually I walk form these types of people and I almost did last year , but becuase she wants it done early in the season I’ll take her money.
And I’ll take it this year, but this year I’m not going for just the windows. It’s either she does at least the house wash and windows. She can say no to the pavers, but no way will I just go for the windows.

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I love spring so much, you get every kind of customer interaction you can think of.

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Thanks , and patience is definitely required for people like this. I’m taking her money though if she goes for the bulk of the work. With a smile on my face too.

Yup !! Most aren’t like this though , but we all have our share I’m sure.
It’s just fun to talk about them :cowboy_hat_face:

I’ve had two funny ones so far. One, lady calls asking price per window then hangs up when she doesn’t like what I say. Calls back 15 min later to book and wants it done the next day, which I couldn’t do. I asked how many windows, she says 10. I say the service minimum, and quiet… I’m like so you wanna book or what? She’s like nah I got that quote from someone else so I’m just gonna go with them. :man_facepalming:

2nd one, commercial lead. Guy calls wanting 2nd & 3rd story windows cleaned but doesn’t want me to come out for an estimate. I got an idea of it on google maps but commercial I wanna see cause it’s different in person. Finally he agrees for an estimate and asks if we can clean it the day after, which would have been yesterday and that he really needs it done by Friday. lol - no, click.

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Reading these customer interactions never gets old. lol. You’re right, most of them aren’t like this, but we all get them on occasion. So annoying at the time, but you have to laugh. Thanks for sharing.
Who and where is Frank? Feel free to call him for that cheap deal. Ohhh…he isn’t answering his phone because he went out of business? Got it. :+1:

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I know who Frank was … he worked for cheap , he’s now retired. Although he’s retired with a lot less money than what he should have. He partnered up with my old boss back In the days. He was more a route guy.
He’s one of those guys that never raised his prices, and started off cheap.

I’ve told her when I first did her I’m not Frank never will be. I raise my prices every year. Unlike Frank who never raised his prices. lol :joy:
I don’t care I tell them the deal. If they don’t like it don’t use me.
Obviously she wants to keep using me, but that ship has sailed. She lost me. Didn’t get back to her.

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it feels good when the ball is in your court

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The ones that call and want low price then ask you do the same day always crack me up.

You reminded me about fella that called the other day and wanted it done cheap and fast, he said “you’re booked further ahead than a doctor’s office and charge similar amounts, unbelievable!”

That one made me smile. I’m proud to be a window cleaner.

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I simply tell them what I spend on a bag of ice, a drink, and a snack cake at the convenient store. That usually shuts them up when they want to pick apart the price.

We have crossed the rubicon on anything being cheap. A can of soda is now $2+
A stick of chemical laden gum is now $2-3.

It is only going to get worse if the current regime is allowed another 4 years.

“I know, it’s great right? And I didn’t have to go to medical school for it.”