Any app to calculate the price?

I’m just starting out and using square to get paid, send invoices etc. but I’d like an app (on iOS) to calculate my price on the field.

For example, I enter my items: window on the first floor, with a screen: 5$
Window second floor with a screen, 8$
I then just need to enter the number of each items and it give me my price.
Any one uses something similar?
I’m thinking of making my own spreadsheet with Numbers but it’s quite memory heavy.


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Have you checked out Responsibid? Its truely bad-ass! Bidding and Estimating for Cleaning Companies - Instantly!

[COLOR=#141823][FONT=helvetica]I developed an app for venthood bidding, window cleaning, etc. But I only use it for venthood cleaning because responsibid is so much better. Actually since I made it we use pro posal for all commercial work so we dont even use the app any longer. Id be happy to send you the APK file for android if you would like to further develop it.[/FONT][/COLOR]

… Seriously? an app for simple math?

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Just use a note pad or Iphone Note pad

Here is the tricky part multiple these numbers by what ever your heart desires :slight_smile:

Front 10 DH 12 Casements 1 Door

Left 5 DH 4 big sliders

Right 3 DH 4 Casements

Back 10 Casements Pella Ugh!!!

Yes, an app for simple maths.
It makes life easier, doesn’t it? There is a calculator for simple math too and I’ve been using it until now.
What is a cash register but a machine for simple math? Are you mocking ever stores too?

I’ll look at Respond-bid but I made an excel sheet (yet again a tool for simple people) that I used successfully today.

I add both taxes we have here. 14.9995%…not a simple tax.

again, thanks for the sarcasm. very helpful.

Tim, the online Estimate builder on your site, is that responsibid? Are all the graphics of the different windows from it?

Yes and yes. Feel free to fill out an estimate so you can see how it works. Just leave a note in the comment section letting me know it’s not a real estimate. Also use your real email so you can see how awesome it is

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Pretty neat huh? If you select that you want to a specific service it will send me an email telling me you want to schedule. If you dont choose anything it will continue to follow up with you for about a week to try to get you to schedule. This software is priceless.

Not to shabby huh?

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Oh man, I use Excel any chance I get. :slight_smile:
I think it’s the next best invention to the wheel.

Yeah, “simple math” blah blah…whatever.

Once you get a nice formula and put it to use,
it’s so nice to be able to change things, and see the results right then and there.

Welcome to the forum!

If you saw my bid sheets you wouldn’t be able to read them… I jot down all the info on a plain piece of paper then add up. You can get techy or stay simple it’s all up to you. The main thing is to get the price right. I’m thinking you could up your first floor price to 8 and second to 10…

Really? Wow, I must be low balling since I’m starting since my prices are like this:
1st floor ( I calculate it differently: no ladder, step ladder and ladder windows are 3 different prices) so, no ladder, inside-out, $2. step ladder: $4 ladder $5 per pane, of course. So a double paned window is $4/8/10 and since every houses in my area have basements, most windows at least need a step ladder (or pole) to do.

I will test my prices to see how it works for me but any adjustments are welcome.

I always start high.

^ it’s legal in your state now huh? do you save the ladder work for after the buzz wears off? do you accept funyuns and mountain dew for payment?

You should take a look at Invoice2go.

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If there’s anything I can do to help show you around ResponsiBid I’d be happy to do it. We give free tours every day and we can show you how it will make your life easier getting bids done, PLUS follow-up better than any crazy busy business owner has time for! Do you have time later today or the first part of next week, Hugo? Let me know or give us a call: 707-968-7764