Any app to calculate the price?

That’s exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you!

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I just made custom estimate forms for each service I provide, I three hole punched them and put the blank sheets in a 3 ring binder. When I get a request for a service I grab that estimate form, fill in the customer info and then get it set up to do the onsite estimate.

I’m working on putting together all of my pricing for each service into a 3 ring binder as well so I can stop thinking about what I price everything at and simply refer to that topic in my pricing binder.

My goal is to make everything run smooth with as little thinking as possible to putting together my prices.

i was using a notebook for over a year, blank sheets and doing estimates and then putting the price together in the notebook. It just got too unorganized for my liking

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You can do a “ladder charge” for specific story level.
But I don’t know of any way to add on for “that shitty move on the roof.”

There is an option for “Bid In Person” as your out for certain things.
Example- I use it for Skylights, even though I have a pretty standard charge.

I complained in another thread about off-topic…but this comment was hilarious. I’m always in favor of funny asides.

Thanks for the laugh

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Thanks , and I will take you up on that . Right now I just had a new website designed , so I have to get things going as far as seo and getting it ranked . I just started getting all my local listing in order,an all looking the same and optimized. Next is finding someone to do some on board seo . That takes $ so until that starts happing,an I see this new website moving up in the rankings ill just stick with in person estimates . Honestly right now I do more storefront and commercial than anything. Not my goal though.
Good to know about those scenarios though that was a concern Tim Just pmed me a template of his disclaimer. I like it , and it seems like it would elevate those issues . Thanks Tim for getting that to me!

No it was definitely not intended for you, an not an insult to anyone it was sarcasm Directed @ J . who we all know an like. I’m glad to see you visited,an came back alive though.

[QUOTE=JaredAI;347734]I just count the windows and use a calculator. It’s not rocket surgery but my price is based on experience regarding window count and how long it’s going to take me.

They just use specialized math dealing in ounces and kilos. Other than that, you just have to count to up to 17 (ie T

You left out Grams . Not everybody was big time:rolleyes:

[QUOTE=JfromtheD;347758]You can do a “ladder charge” for specific story level.
But I don’t know of any way to add on for “that shitty move on the roof.”

There is an option for “Bid In Person” as your out for certain things.

Yes !!! Bid in person. Lets face it when you get into these mansion type houses there is a lot more to take into consideration then window count . Basically you can throw window count out the door . Once you get inside that house there are a ton of things that can slow you down, and if you don’t take that into consideration your goin to lose .

I have a buddy of mine he does tons of high end mansions if someone even calls him an says how much do you get per window he hangs up.
Well … He doesn’t really hang up , but he says look if your looking for the cheapest company them I’m not the company for you.

So what im saying is having resposabid as your estimating tool is it a detriment to stuff like this .
Are these type of customers going to go in an punch in what you have programmed for regular house regular conditions.
I would rather over bid a mansion style house then under bid it . an not let them even see what other pricing is .

I use Quoteflare. No back end orfollowup like responsibid but I could not get pricing the way I wanted it in responsibid.
In Quoteflare I can use the standard pics or my own and make up all my own questions and pricing far more customizable than anything else I looked at or tried.
It’s on my website for customers and my door to Door people use it too.
They have test sites you can try and a free trial to get started

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I think I see what you are saying.
And I’m with ya…

You can set the option to “bid in person” for pretty much any option or window type.
So, if you hate cut-ups and want to be non committal on a window count from the customer,

  • you can set it to “Bid In Person.”

Similarly, if you want to do a “small house” “medium” “large” and “extra large” house package…
You can set the XL house to “Bid In Person.”

For the most part, I see mostly “Rough Quote” requests.

  • people just want to know if if it is #10 dollars or $1000 dollars, because they just don’t KNOW.
    (I think we’re all like that)

The ones who do the “Exact Quotes” are usually pretty right on.
They take their time and do a count.

  • or they will at least say “I think I have about 20 panes, which looks like I fall into the Medium House.”
    (they have the idea, they know they can afford it, and they are ready to go to the next step)

My gripe, the packages are not service-specific.
I do the basic as Outside Only and the next step is In/Out and then I get into full service (tracks, etc…)

But for Gutter or Pwashing or any other add on services…
The same info shows as Window Cleaning.

So when a cust looks at Gutter cleaning for a small house, the “mouse hover” says “Small House is typically 20 windows” etc…
It bugs me, but… what can you do?

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