Any experience with hot water for wfp?

i recently purchased an eccotemp L10 portable water heater to warm up my water.temps here are around freezing right now with tap water 40ish degrees F.
did some research about thermal cracking of glass and it didn’t seem a concern but today as i cleaned the window would start to make clicking noises, no cracks but the clicking scared the crap out of me and i turned the heater off.
anybody had direct experience with this?

Yikes! I’m curious too…

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We’ve worked with hot water down to -10 degrees Celsius with no cracking.

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How cold in Winnipeg today?
We had 70’s for a few days this past week.

Winnipeg has been just above freezing and rainy for about 10 days. Soon It’ll get real cold.

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Awesome, do you use it on res too?
About how hot is your water?

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i’ve used hot water quite a bit in the cold. usually down into the high 20’s, with water temp around 110f. never had any issues.

and hot water is amazing. i would say it cleans probably 50% better and faster than cold. by next spring i’m going to have it setup for all my crews to run hot water wfp on every job.

@Pure Water Window Cleaning
How many hours of run time do you get off of the propane tank

great, what brushes are you guys using with the hot? i only have soft bristle and the hot seems to make them too soft and they lose their shape.
i see gardiner in uk has a chart with what temp their brushes are good for but i haven’t seen anything like that for brushes available here (NA).

i’m not sure what he’s getting, but for us a standard tank lasts a long time. put it this way: what’s a tank refill cost? $20? you’ll get enough work time plus increased efficiency to make propane cost basically irrelevant.

I think you could get between 80 and 100 hours out of a tank with the L5 Eccotemp.

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I use the recommended Gardiner stiff brush (red coloured).

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where are you getting your gardiner stuff the only place i can find is , and the brushes they list don’t match the gardiner brush video or chart and none of those have red ones.

What eccotemp are you guys using I see one l5 and l10

i got the L10 because i wasn’t sure the L5 would handle it but if i had seen these posts before i might gone l5 or l7.
also i am thing of using it for house wash and wanted more capacity.

Do any of you run the eccotemp out of van/truck or do you always remove it from vehicle.

i take it out i am using mini van so not enough height the top is a chimney remember that where the heat goes.
i did see a video where they had it mounted on back door of cargo van so leave door open its ready to go.

word of warning, hot water will melt the glue inside your wash it pro RO. manufacturer says 95 f MAX.

can’t find the video of the door mount but here’s a guy with it mounted inside. it will get hot though and propane fumes are never supposed to be indoors

I think I will put it on dolly and run water through di first then to eccotemp. I think I will go l10 so I can run two poles if needed.

found the truck /door mount vid

so hot water users…do you ever hear the glass clicking as you clean?