Any Luck with Free Websites?

I’m brand new here and hoping to have a shoestring budget some time soon…yeah I’m that broke! Just spent $2200 of bill money to buy a WFP, so hopefully that will pay for itself quickly.

My question is: Are any if the free websites worth using? I know a website is a great investment, so please don’t feel like I have to be convinced of that, I just truly cannot afford that yet.

(Please don’t respond that I “can’t afford not to”…I already agree with you there, but I also have to pay rent!) If your opinion is that it’s better to wait until I can afford one, that’s what I’ll do…if, however, there is a truly worthwhile free website builder you guys can recommend, I’ll have a site before I go to bed!

Thanks for the help, this forum is the best!

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Personally, I have made a couple super simple websites through and they are have worked well. They do have a free version but I suggest upgrading to the pro and paying for your own domain.

This is route is the cheapest you can get and look legit

Thanks for the info! Can you start a free one and upgrade later?

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vistaprint websites are free the first 30 days,you can cancel at that point not paid a penny or stay and then cheap thereafter . iv raked in no end of work via mine over the years . one tip i can give is spend an hour each day linking your website it into various local facebook/gumtree etc selling and buying pages.

with many paid websites set up by somebody else you lose the control to change the look and wording as your business stance evolves , its somebody elses baby, bear this in mind . i cant speak highly enough of vistaprint in that respect

Thanks for the advice!

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Yes but if you can come up with at least a couple bucks to pay for your domain name

You’re brand new at window cleaning? You got a WFP setup before a website?

I use godaddy, haven’t had any issues. It only cost about $120ish I believe. I built it myself, still learning and figuring out how to make it look better though. For now it does the trick for the customer to see and pops up on Google searches in my area.

Mike Radzik
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Take a look at

Domain registration for 1 year - $11
Legit webhosting - $5 a month
Learning how to create your own website in which you have complete control and will actually get indexed by Google - PRICELESS

Honestly man, go legit or don’t go at all. If you spent $2200 on a WFP system, you can surely come up with $16 to start the process on a real website.

Free website + top notch equipment is like buying a Ferrari and not wanting to put gas in it.

Ok, Which company are you talking about here. I can definitely afford that.

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Atlas I agree with Chris. I Paid for my first website, an I am currently paying for seo. I just decided about two weeks ago to learn all about this stuff on my own. I started building another site so I can learn from the ground up it really isn’t as hard as you might think. You will have to put some time in, But I believe it will be well worth it especially down the road when you realize you need to change things around.

You can go on youtube , an google worpress ,an hundreds of dictorials will come up . Here is the one im following actually I was all over the place,but decided to use this theme , an follow this web designer.

Thanks for the video link! All this is so new to me, I haven’t had time to learn anything about website creation, etc, so this will help.
Do you know what he meant by “$11 a year and $5 a month”? Is that average, or was he talking about a specific company?..That kind if money would be very doable right now.

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I use Interserver for my hosting and GoDaddy for registrations.

Wordpress is your friend, and free :slight_smile:

I made my website and did all my SEO work myself. I did this in January when all I had was route work, lots of coffee, and too much snow on the ground.

I like learning new things, so this I found fun even though it pissed me off all too often at times.

Mike Radzik
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Central Massachusetts

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$11 a year is for your domain name
$5 is for your hosting ( to keep all your stuff backed up to there server) which is good I used hostgator an it was 7.
installing wordpress is free
time is what you need, an patience. I have the time come winter its the patience that comes hard for me like Mike says I’m two weeks in on this, an it does get you pissed off lol, but I had to take a deep breath,an realize its a learning experience. Btw this is all new to me also.

Thanks for the info guys. Does the DIY website show up on a local google search?

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I’m on page 1 of google searches in my area, I don’t know how I did it but it’s there haha

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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LOL Nice! Wanna set mine up!?

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Chris put this waaaay more politely than I would have EVER put it!!

With a groupthink mentality of “forget cleaning windows, you are a business owner”

  • I’m surprised that you haven’t got smacked harder for this statement.

My opinion? Priorities, dude.
Get some business.
Get those jobs done.
And THEN spend on upgraded tools.

Well, I couldn’t pass up a free WFP and if I had not taken advantage of the deal on the wash-it right now, it would have been MUCH longer unt I got one, saved over $700.00, to me that’s a pretty good investment, even if some think it’s premature. For the record I have had several accounts given to me by a friend who had a good business in my area but moved away. I’ve gone from taking 14 hours to do a $400.00 job down to 4 hours…seems a little more profitable than a website right now. Please remember that I am here asking which company to go with, not giving excuses about why I won’t get a website. Maybe you should have a look at my last few responses before you start jumping me.

Please either give me some ideas about who you have used to build your website, or don’t waste your time and mine by telling me how bad a business person I am. This is all new to me and I never went to business school, so, yeah, a few things are being done out of order. I’m not sending my WFP back just because you think I should have gotten a website first.

By the way, who can you recommend I use for a website? After all, that’s why I started this thread.

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