Anyone have this picute but in better quality?

I have seen this picture floating around - but the quality is is horrible -

isnt loading for me…

FIXED! try again!

i can email if you want

if anybody uses that image on your website, i will take you to court and sue you> I am the original owner and it is copyrighted.

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Are you serious Doug or just playing around?

Yeah, I must say… I thought we were a community here. Where we share our work, innovation, and intution.


I have a designer that could likely do one a lot better than that.

I will have her make one and I will GIVE all of you the right
to use it.

Thank You Paul!

You have alot of suing to do I think. Im thinking when I was building my website I seen that on a few sites and thats why I didnt use it because everyone had it.

That’s Dougs. What’s a picute?

Very nice of you Paul! Thanks.:wink:

I agree with Paul, you could make your own that looks a thousand times better. Also, I doubt Starbrite will sue you, ignorant people throw that word around like yesterdays newspaper. In order to collect a penny he would have to prove in court that the copyright violation “harmed” him financially in some way. Do you really think he can prove that he lost money because someone used his graphic? Good luck. The worst that could happen is that he spends money to get a lawyer to write you a cease and desist letter, which you obviously would comply with, so he’s out $150.00 to protect his graphic. Or he could be more reasonable about it and just ask you not to use it. Anyway do the right thing by him, but don’t be afraid of his threats, they are storm clouds without rain…


I was sooo gonna ask that

DERT - You both are so perefect. I mean perfect.


I don’t think he comes in any other flavor :smiley:

Are you sure? He seems more the Cherry Garcia variety to me.:smiley:
Just kidding Doug.:wink:

Be careful, he’s probably a lawyer too … and the toughest one !

Thanks Paul!!!:D:D