Attention all cynical critics- need your help

I need you, if you have a couple moments, to rip my website apart.

Design, colors, anything that just don’t fit or look right in your experience and/or knowledge except typos. That will be automated later today.

I just had it redesigned, and it just don’t feel right at all to me.

I got thick skin so let er rip please.

Thank you in advance.

This is only of my opinion, but i feel it just seems so generic, but I have also been told I go a little too stylish and wow factor lol.

One major thing though, when i first visited the website i noticed i had to scroll right and left to see entire page? Might be my chrome setting, but i never have that issue.

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Got a link?


Elite Window Washing

The text with company name is tough to read and can’t really tell what the image next to it is.

You want your name of all things to stand out and be clear to read.

Kind of plain throughout


The grammar in most blurbs is clunky and overly passive. As an example:

For estimates call us at 619-779-5858
If you prefer, we are glad to give you a free in-person estimate or over-the-phone estimate. Just call us at 619-779-5858 to make an appointment.

Should be something like
Call us at 619-779-5858 for a quick estimate over the phone, or to request a free, in-person quote.

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Yes. Small print stuff at the footer, phone number and company name all the way at the top in a large easy-to-read font.

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This is great! Please keep them coming. The fellas that said it’s plain…any chance of a suggestion or two to change the plain to something better?

I’ve had my friend design it with only 2 things in mind. Make it mobile friendly and responsive (and load much faster) and the second the most important because the last year or so I went to page 2 on google…for SEO purposes.

So for any kind of background image it really tends to slow things down. So that one is kind of out. I am completely open to suggestions tho.

Keep em coming fellas

Okay, first, get that sucker off of hostgator. You’re going to have a LOT of issues not to mention sketchy files appearing in your structure. Looks like you’ve got the wordfence plugin so you’re good there. The best thing you can do is get a legit host. The only one I recommend is Siteground. Get the growbig plan. I’ve got an affiliate link with them but I’ve never used it so don’t think I’m trying to sell you something. I’ve had zero problems with their hosting. Bluehostgator sucks too - most of these are owned by the same company.

On the header logo, I’d ditch the fancy font and just use something that is super easy to read.

If you’re focused on mobile friendly, then get rid of the slider on mobile and replace it with an image. I don’t know if soliloquy has a disable on mobile option, but revolution slider does. Soliloguy can be fast, but it has limitations. With revolution slider, I’d have a background image and then layer the text on top of it so the whole thing is responsive. The text right now is hard to read on mobile. So your replacement image should have larger text.

For speed, the best thing you can do is get rid of sliders on the main page… But we tend to like them.

Nitpicky stuff

Center your images on mobile to make it look slick:

@media screen and (max-width: 479px)
.latest-news-img { margin:0 auto;}

What is the “Read More” button on the bottom supposed to do? You might want to have a “blog” link since you’ve still got articles. Then I’d categorize them so you can use breadcrumbs.

Go through and optimize your images to help with pagespeed. You can do this by hand using or but the imagify plugin is pretty nice and you can buy a one-time use license for like 20 bucks.

Might want to invest in wp-rocket for caching, it’s the one that I like. And you can use lazy load images for super speed.

Download the Call Now Button plugin.

But other than that, it’s not bad. A background image isn’t going to hurt you speed wise, not as much as that slider will. A background image might help, but I sort of like the plain white background, but I suck at artistic type stuff.

Might want to throw some parallax images in your sub-pages. People love that look.


Thank you Jared for taking the time to do that.

How did you find the hostgator thing, because it’s supposed to be on godaddy.

I also wanted to ditch the slider because that alone was killing my old site, but my friend was doing me a favor by doing this and at the same time trying to give his attention to actual paying customers. This took about a year to finally turn it over to me with the back and forth so I kinda had to let it be. I also mentioned the logo issue…looks like its time for a change anyway.

All of the stuff you guys are saying is great. I’ve got alot of work to do. Much appreciated fellas. Thank you all for your time.

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I’ve got a plugin for chrome that tells me the technical details. Your name is registered at godaddy, but the site is hosted at hostgator.

They even managed to jack up my drupal site which I didn’t think was possible. I know the hack didn’t come from the front end because Drupal is very robust, so it came from the server side. Then I kept finding plugins installed in wordpress that I didn’t put there. Wordfence saved my butt while I was on hostgator.

If you need a few touchs up here and there I might be able to help you out as I get time. I’m currently trying to convert a friends drupal site over to wordpress… which usually isn’t bad, but 8,000 articles is a pain in the butt.


Could you shoot me a pm cuz I cant seem to figure out how to do that anymore…

@JaredAI, that is some great input, you know what’s up, very impressed.

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The PM’s have been disabled. I just sent something through your contact form.


Dag homey. Had to bookmark that one and i didn’t even understand most of it. Laying it down bossman!

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Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. I got the email Jared. Thank you all for your time fellas.

Lots of reading. Short and sweet works for me.

2012 we did the children’s museum, Crazy!

That was an awesome year wasn’t it?