Best vacuumes on the market for tracks

Looking for something light weight (possibly hand held) but something strong enough to last ?

Also a really good suction is a must. Was looking at the dysons but don’t think there man enough for the job

try these seem to be pretty powerful ac climb
I just use a hoover handheld for tracks it has the narrowest crevice attachment on the market, but battery life sucks, I am about to upgrade to a Dyson due to their fast recharge time and powerful motor, I have already engineered a crevice attachment to fit the Dyson at the same width as the hoover.

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I was looking online at a Dewalt…can run corded or on battery, has a hepa filter, wet/dry…just over $100. Seems ok if you already have their batteries for other tools. Any feedback?

Cheers. Will these be good on outside tracks sucking up sand, grit etc ?

Literally just did tons of research on exactly this cause i was taking way too much time using just a track brush. I finally went for the Dewalt 20v 1/2 gallon shopvac:

Reasons I finally decided on this one:
-Interchangeable battery
-Can be used wet
-Long battery life
-Strong suction
-Small and lightweight
-Hepa filter you can wash

Things you should know if you pursue this vac:
-There’s an 18v and a 20v version. They cost the same and aren’t interchangeable. The 20v uses the latest lithium ion technology and is more powerful, so don’t get the other one.
-Most places sell the vac only, which is $80, so you’d still have to buy a battery and charger if you don’t already have them (must be Dewalt).
-The link i posted above is a sweet kit that includes the vac, battery, and charger for $180 and free shipping. Buying these parts separately would cost about $270.

That all said, I’m doing my first test in the field tomorrow. However, just playing around with it I’m already impressed. I tested a Milwaukee portable vac yesterday at home depot and it was a joke in comparison.

Anyway, hope that helps!


Here’s a real life pic. I put my Samsung galaxy note against it so you can get a real feel for the size.


Ok sorry one more point: there are a lot of threads already on this topic, some even fairly recent. It took me hours to read, research, and compare, but i would still recommend doing a quick search to get some other good thoughts.

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I’m curious to hear your results. I was looking at this one and another Dewalt on amazon. Some reviews said this model was really loud…do you find that to be the case?

I’d say it’s about normal volume for a vacuum cleaner… Proly even quieter than a normal vac you’d use for the house. I don’t think you can have this kind of suction without some volume, but it’s in no way uncomfortable imo.

Btw, what’s the other one you were looking at?

I don’t know how to post the link but it could be run on battery or corded…looked a bit bigger as well…

Ok so this may be crazy, but i pulled out my SPL meter for you and measured the volume at arms length, about where you’d hold the vac. It came out to 84 dB if that helps.

As far the other vac, i think i know which one you mean. If it’s the 2 1/2 gallon one, then from what I’ve seen it’s a fantastic product. However, i checked it out in the store and, while carriable, to me it was just too big to be convenient. For mostly track cleaning it’d be overkill and would be a bit unwieldy.

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Ok, thanks…good to know

Thanks for this review. Good to see your starting to stock up on the equipment needed to make this business go smoother for you

Little by little it takes time , but it seems your being smart researching , an buying all the right things .



Nice writeup on the trac vac @WVWindowWashing

For some reason I am craving a green smoothie right about now, think I’ll go make one :grinning:


Have you seen this dewalt one mate ?

Black + Decker 20v pivot
Bought it for me…When it came in the mail the wife saw it and took over it, smh!


Ah yes… In fact that’s the one i referred to above. In my opinion it’s a bit too big but it could work. Not 100% sure but i believe that one also has a new 20v version which uses a better battery, in case you do go for that one.

Hey bro ,does the tip fit into the tracks ? Looks really wide . Does it come with a small brush tip like the dyson ? I like the dyson , but I hear the battery life is bad